Everyone knows about and dreads the pending inevitability of having routine colonoscopy screenings at regular intervals once the fifties arrive but a new technique that is slowly climbing in popularity and credibility in the medical community is the use of a CTC scan of the colon in people who have a fear of or low risk for colon cancer.

What is the CTC scan? It is basically no different that typical CT scans except that it is designed to identify polyps in the colon that might indicate the development of colon cancer. These scans have yet to be anywhere near as accurate as traditional colon cancer screening techniques however their accuracy is growing all the time.

When CTC Scans May Be Worth It?

CTC scans are probably not worth doing all the time because they often miss polyps and sometimes identify polyps that might not actually be there. Basically the miss rate is high however some people refuse to have traditional colonoscopy screening done on them and for these people this may be a viable alternative to identify potential problems as opposed to doing no screenings at all.

Other times a CTC scan may be worth it are times between colonoscopies or for patients who are not in a condition where a colonoscopy is possible. Because the CTC scan of the colon is so non-invasive it can be done even on the most sensitive of patients with no harm or discomfort. This makes the scan much more tolerable for elderly patients or even patients with very specific conditions that make the colonoscopy particularly difficult.

The Importance On Colon Screening

What is clear however is that colon cancer screening is very important for people to do when they get older. Colon cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting American's and it strikes elderly people more times than we like to admit. If you cannot summons the will to go through with your regular colon screenings then you should talk to your doctor about this potential alternative screening technique. It's not likely that he will recommend it over a traditional colonoscopy but as time passes more and more doctors will be warming to this procedure.

At this time you can also talk to your doctor at this time about other routine screening procedures for other cancers such as prostate, and breast depending on your gender. These are other screenings that many people put off more than they should due to the comfort of the screening procedure. There is not much to say when someone is diagnosed with a treatable cancer to late in it's cycle; get screened via CTC scan or any other means early that way treatment for these cancers if you are diagnosed is possible.