If You Use These Simple Techniques You Can Save

Easy Steps To Save Up To Hundreds of Dollars

Oh my god! I just robbed CVS! That's how I felt the first time I shopped at CVS using my new technique. I have to admit, I felt like I had just gotten away with armed robbery. Being able to go into a store and spend a mere pittance for hundreds of dollars worth of goods was like a dream! A dream in which I was the winner.

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What? Extreme Couponing?

I am the first to admit, I can be really lazy. I had tried many extreme couponing suggestions to save money. I succeeded and had success many times over. The thing these coupon queens don't tell you, is that couponing may just take over your life. To get these items for free or for only pennies on the dollar often takes hours of painstaking searching for coupons to match up with sales. In addition, it takes some serious organizing skills.

There are coupon data bases which help in the search for the items you are looking for. The data bases are great, but again, very time consuming.

Do I Have The Time?

As I made my journey  through the world of extreme couponing, I asked myself: "Is this really how I want to spend my weekends?" After a long, (actually about a nanosecond) thought, it was revealed the answer was a resounding No! I definitely do not want my weekends to consist of coupon matching and clipping and organizing. I do have a life full of all sorts of things I would like to do. Did I mention my travel addiction?There are also a few things I should do. Typically, the want to do category usually comes before the need to do category.

I have read book after book about extreme couponing and have read many blogs on the subject. All of the blogs and books have the same basic idea but, they are all so detailed that it would really be a full time job just to shop for your weekly needs. If you use the online database for your coupons it does save time but is still plenty detailed. I personally only want to spend a short amount of time and save the largest amount of money. Many of my shopping trips have resulted in CVS actually owing me money. I have been able to do this with only minutes of my precious time. I have a family that I would like to spend as much time as possible with. I would rather not spend my days clipping.

Simplified Shopping

So how do I still save all this money at CVS and not spend my lifetime preparing for the big trip? It's actually very simple. It has to be. After all there are vacations to take! Here is my simple, lazy way of saving big bucks.

Sign Up!

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to save. CVS has many discount programs. First, sign up for their card. This will entitle you to all sorts of store coupons. They also have a beauty club and a prescription club which trigger additional coupons when you buy items from that category. Also, as you shop, every so often they send you reports of how much you have saved along with a bonus coupon of money back.


After you have signed up for their card, be sure to visit their red kiosk in the store. Every time you scan their card at the kiosk, you will earn extra coupons and offers. I even stop by to scan my card without making a purchase if I am in the area. Be sure to always check your E-mail of your inbox   for all the offers they provide. It is really amazing at how much they give away.

Extra Offers

When you shop at CVS be sure to pick up a copy of their beauty magazine and their coupons that are located near the pharmacy. There are many extra offers included in these books. 

Wait For It!

CVS sends percent off E-mail and coupons. I only shop when I receive one. I usually receive one offer a week or at the least, one every other week. The offers I have received have been from 20%-40% off a purchase! If you use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon the item is often free. The last trip I made to CVS-they ended up owing me $19 in ECB's and I paid no cash out of pocket.

ECB- Extra Money in Your Pocket!

CVS also has a great program called the ECB. An ECB (extra care buck) offers extra money or discounts when you buy a specific amount in dollars or items. I will only shop for items that are offering money back on a purchase. All of the ECB offers are clearly marked in their store flyers.


Once I have decided which items to buy, I will look for manufacturer coupons to match the ECB items. Oftentimes, the current ads match up with that weeks' coupons in the Sunday paper. There is usually minimal searching.

Purchases you frequently make will trigger additional coupons for CVS. As you shop, month after month, you will receive more and more discounts on the things you buy often.

Money in The Bank

One of the things I did with the money saved, was to pay down debt. With my method of CVS shopping, I have saved thousands of dollars and paid many a debt down with the saved money.

Of special note to shoppers: save all your old CVS coupons. They will take them even if they are old. They do not take expired manufacturer coupons. Depending upon the cashier-they may or may not take your expired percent off coupons.

Of special note: a friendly smile and a "how's your day?" goes a long way with an over worked cashier.

If  you try my lazy couponing method, chances are that you might be lazy too!