Cabbage soup diet

If you find yourself jumping from diet to diet, quitting before you lose a pound, this may be the diet for you. The Cabbage soup diet is a diet that will jump start you on the road to proper nutrition so you can move forward to lose weight. It will seriously cleanse your system and you will lose a lot of water in 7 days. This diet is only for 7 days and then you must go off it for two weeks. It will help break the desire for sugars and junk food.

Before you start, you should check out the website in my resources. You will learn the recipe for the cabbage soup. You can add your own variations to the soup. Try to plan your meals one day ahead so you have what you need at the start of each day. I cooked my soup on Sunday and had everything ready for Monday morning to begin.

Day one entails as much cabbage soup as you would like plus all the fruit that you want except no bananas. I love bananas but I decided I would buy fruit that I don't usually buy to make it interesting. I bought a mango, fresh apricot, lots of grapes and melons. I made a huge fruit salad for work. I drank a lot of water and even put fresh lemon in my water. I had two protein soy shakes that I bought at the health store. Protein shakes are recommended 2 times a day. I was not hungry and couldn't believe it!

On Day two, my menu for the Cabbage soup diet was cabbage soup plus all the vegetables I could eat! Don't just make a salad. I cut up zucchini and yellow squash and sautéed it in a little olive oil with garlic and onions. I had co-workers commenting how good it looked! Still, I was surprised at how satisfied I felt all the time and I wasn't even the slight bit tempted to grab something I shouldn't have. When you work in a large department, you know how there are always goodies laying around.

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On Day three, I was energetic and ready for a day of cabbage soup, and all the fruits and vegetables I could eat, except bananas, of course. Again, I cooked up my zucchini and yellow squash, made a large fruit salad, and had my two protein shakes. I found on most days, by about 3pm I needed a lift and that's when I had my protein shake. It curved my dinner hunger tremendously and I was never starved at night like I usually am.

On day four, I thought it would be really hard. It was the bananas and skim milk day. I love bananas but wasn't sure how I would do with it all day. Of course, I had soup and my two protein shakes in the morning and at 3pm. I was very happy and satisfied all day!

Day five arrived and this was the day of beef and tomatoes. You can substitute chicken but no skin. Drink lots of water and eat cabbage soup to your heart's content. I chopped up fresh tomatoes, sautéed them in garlic and a tiny bit of olive oil. Some fresh cilantro is good too. You can have 10 - 20 ounces of beef or chicken and up to 6 fresh tomatoes. Don't forget your protein shakes as well.

Day six is beef and vegetables. That's an easy one! It's much more fun when you get creative with this diet and add spices and herbs to the vegetables. It makes it very tasty and much more like a treat then a diet. Make sure you eat at least one good size serving of cabbage soup.

The last day of this 7 day menu (and the best one on the Cabbage soup diet) is brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice that is unsweetened. Here is a day that you can make Chinese food. You can use soy sauce but use low sodium. Of course, eat as much of the cabbage soup as you can and lots of water, at least 8 glasses. Good luck!

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