Years ago I began fishing in the winter. Not only fishing, but zooming up and down the Illinois River at 50 mph in an open boat in December. During the Northern Illinois winter this can be brutal. At first I donned my traditional winter coat, sweatshirt, and long underwear. The cold came right through my winter clothing and felt like an ice sword shaving away at me. Needless to say I was miserable. I needed a great winter parka and bibs and I knew it.

I noticed that most of the anglers who had been doing this for years wore bright red rain suits. I asked my fishing partner what that "outfit" was called. This outfit looked sharp to me. It was brilliant red and blue and had matching bibs. Most of all, it looked like they were warm when I was freezing.

I discovered that the rain suit was called Guidewear and it did indeed come with matching bibs. The guidewaer was made by Cabelas and came in a few different colors. The available colors were red/black, forest green/black and black. When I asked people who owned the Cabelas Guidewear how they liked it, they all replied that they didn't know how they ever got along without it.

The Cableas Guidewear has a Gore Tex membrane that makes it completely waterproof. What I like about it is that this is not one of those old-time yellow raincoats that become stiff at the first sign of cold. I have had the coat out in extreme cold and it was every bit as comfortable and flexible as it was in 50 degrees. Parkas can be purchased in uninsulated and in Thinsulate options. Of course, in the northland the Thinsulate version is more popular. I like my Thinsulate, Gore Tex parka because it keeps me warm without being bulky.

I could not believe it when I donned my Cableas Guidewear parka and bibs for the first time. We were zooming down the river for 8 miles on a 20 degree morning. I had on the whole suit. I put my head down and hid fromthe cold. When we got to our destination I looked up and was not cold. It was amazing. The wind did not go through the parka or the bibs and I was ready to fish immediately. This suit was worth every penny I had paid for it.

I have used my Guidewear for years now and have been out in all kinds of weather. It has never once leaked on me, been torn, or failed to keep me warm.

As an outdoor writer and a professional fishing guide I highly recommend the Cabelas Guidewear parka and bibs.

This rain suit can be purchased at any Cabelas store or on the internet.