Cabin Crew

Are you interested in the aviation field?

I am interested in aviation too and I want to tell you guys that I have spent the last two years reading books and E-books every where,

So here is my first topic related to the title, BUT before you read the next lines I want you to answer the following question:

What do you expect from being a Cabin Crew?

The Glamorouse side of being a Cabin Crew

Actually, answering this question will save you (any cabin crew position seeker) the motive to walk through the right steps in the right direction to become a cabin crew,

Some people will answer it with "for the sake of money" and other people will say "to travel freely and see the globe" while other people will say "for my family I like my family to see me in a cabin crew uniform"

Unfortunately, I'm afraid to tell you that no one of the previously mentioned motivates will allow you to become a Crew Cabin Crew and here is the reason,

To become a cabin Crew you are going to face many other competitive whom have passion for this position, some are ordinary people whom applying just like you for the first time, and some of your competitive were already in an airliner as a Cabin Crew members, So why do you think they are with you at the same basket seeking the same position which you are applying for?

I am sure you will figure out that the motive which motivated those ex- cabin crew members is NOT the money because they were already Cabin Crew members, and for sure travelling and seeing the world freely with no charge is not the reason as its related some how to the first wrong motive, and by logic those professional people are NOT here today to wear a cabin crew member's uniform to make their families proud of them,..

So start looking for another things to motivate you for this position away from the money, travelling, and pleasing parents,

Well, look satisfying your family is great thing to do in your life time, but for sure its not the thing which make you eligible for such a position, I mean you can NOT put that as your Biggest motive, and for sure you can't put the money WORD as the first word on the list of things which you are going to achieve or gain from a Cabin Crew position,

I want you to erase this word from your vocabularies when talking about a job in general and specially a sensitive job position such as ours today a Cabin Crew member,

And here is why? any airliner all over the world spend lots and lots I really mean LOADS of money on the safety equipments and to apply the aviation regulations for the passengers to be more comfortable and safe onboard even more than they are on the ground,

So as an airliner I'm NOT going to hire some one who is looking to collect the money while


I am ( as an airliner) through out the money on the safety equipments

Overall take SAFETY of the passengers as a common target between you and the employer airliner and believe

from now on that your greatest motivate to be a Cabin Crew member is satisfying the passengers,

Delivering the level of the service (22152)

AGAIN lets see how many people assimilate the article by telling us about their motive to be a Cabin Crew member?

JI will be pleased to inform you that those people whom said "applying the quality standards, and making sure of the safety of the passengers on board" whom are the correct people for the position of a Cabin CrewJ

Our article is Done!

I will be pleased too to read your comments on this topic and how it helped you to hold the success thread to become a successful Cabin Crew member or to at least to understand how the things goes in this field, also don't be late to send any question related to this topic or the aviation field in general as I'm going to cover it in an upcoming articles.