Deal with Feelings of Cabin Fever

     Do you think you might have Cabin Fever? This article will review cabin fever and the feelings that go along with having it as well as the causes of cabin fever and what can be done to prevent it and the associated feelings that come with it so you can avoid it now and in the future.

     After a long and cold winter with freezing temperatures, blowing winds, ice and snow, many people experience feelings of depression and fatigue, boredom and an apathetic attitude. Sometimes, the first part of remedying a situation such as having cabin fever is to understand that it is occurring, recognize why it is occurring and then making changes to cure or reduce and eliminate it before it leads to more serious conditions.


What is Cabin Fever and Could You Have It?


     Cabin Fever is a term used to describe a claustrophobic feeling of being in the same place for too long. When the winter season is long, cold, snowy, windy and you’re unable or unwilling to dare outdoors for fresh (or winter’s cold, blowing, freezing) air, you may become bored, anxious, tired, fatigued, depressed, lethargic, restless, unmotivated, sad, cranky, nonchalant, and have a lack of energy to do almost anything.

     People with cabin fever become fed up with the cold weather as well as feeling cold all the time, their joints hurt and they may develop breathing difficulties due to the furnace adding warm stagnant air to the indoors. These feelings are all associated with having cabin fever and happen more to people that live in colder climates.


How to Prevent Cabin Fever

  • Recognize the early signs of cabin fever from feeling tired and anxious to having lack of energy for things that once produced happiness.
  • Take some time every day to go outside. Bundle up in warm clothes if need be and take a short walk. The fresh air although cold will help to reduce cabin fever.
  • Socialize with friends outside the home – meet for a drink after work or have a lunch date with your spouse or best friend. Getting out of the house even for short periods of time will help to prevent cabin fever.
  • Exercise – head to the gym or create your own indoor gym and do 20-30 minutes of any kind of exercise to keep your body moving and your blood running. Exercise increases endorphins which are the happy hormones that help to improve mood.
  • Add indoor plants - plants absorb the CO2 that we exhale and provide oxygen that helps us for a win-win situation.
  • Plan your spring garden – sometimes doing things that help you to focus on the upcoming season will help to motivate and inspire you to have something to look forward to. Planting seedlings during winter using a grow light is one way of achieving this.
  • Have indoor fun with your partner/spouse with periods of games such as tickle and chase or a game of twister. As silly as it seems, it will help to reduce your feelings of cabin fever.
  • Eat healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables with lean protein all helping to keep the colon cleansed and free of toxins and free radicals that cause illness and diseases.
  • When the sun is shining, try to get at least 10 minutes of sun per day which helps the production of Vitamin D and offers 1000units (the recommended dosage of Vitamin D) or use a sunlamp for extended periods without sunshine.
  • At the first signs of spring, spend time outside to reduce cabin fever. Try to tidy up the yard, prepare the porches for the upcoming warmer weather and improve your feelings associated with cabin fever.


Plan Cabin Fever Vacations

     The cold winter months can be the perfect time to plan a spring break or cabin fever vacation, especially if you know that you experience the same feelings of restlessness and anxiety every year.

     Search for somewhere that can be an extended weekend getaway if you can’t take too much vacation time due to work or family obligations. If this is the case more often than not, take cabin fever vacations once a month for an extended weekend or at least a couple times during the long winter season.

     Choose a cabin fever vacation for a week or more that can take you to a warmer and sunny climate with activities to keep you occupied and busy as well as taking your mind off of the cold temperatures you will leave behind.

     Search for last minute travel deals that can help you save money if you have the flexibility to travel without much planning or notice. More information to Save Money on Last Minute Travel.

     A cabin fever vacation can help to improve your attitude and mood and prevent feelings of depression, frustration and claustrophobia for overall improved mental health and well being.