One small piece of cabinet hardware that can really improve on the design of a room are decorative cabinet backplates. Finding cabinet backplates for sale can be a challenge however if you are simply heading over to your local hardware store. These are hardware items that aren't purchased very often because they are truly decorative pieces that don't often nee to be replaced. Additionally many drawer pulls for sale come with matching backplates making the purchase of these items even less frequent on their own. Because of this hardware stores to do carry cabinet backplates may only have a small amount in stock with limited variety to choose from.

What Are Cabinet Backplates

There are going to be a number of people who are starting a home improvement project for the first time and these people may not even realize what decorative cabinet backplates are and why they may be worth buying for your home improvement project. Cabinet backplates serve basically two purposes; they protect the cabinet wood behind drawer handles and knobs from the constant abuse inflicted by fingers grabbing for the cabinet and drawer handles. They also serve the purpose of dressing up a bathroom or kitchen cabinet to look a little more fancy or ornate.

Plain kitchen cabinets, especially on the low end, tend to come without any kind of handles, knobs, or pulls. This gives the home owner the freedom to buy the exact hardware to go with the homes décor and design. You can choose anything from brushed nickel cabinet pulls to antique glass drawer pulls or anything that would match your style. As stated previously some of these drawer pulls and handles come with backplates and some do not. The cabinet back plates act as a spacer between the knob or handle and the cabinet. Some large backplates will cover more cabinet surface and act as a barrio to the cabinet protecting it from finger nails where as other cabinet backplates are small and simply act as an accent or extra support for the screwed in cabinet handle.

Fancy crystal door knobs almost always have fancy backplates as these pieces of hardware help to reinforce the vintage style of the overall design and cabinet backplates are no different. If you are going for a formal or classical vintage look you may want to shop around for fancy decorative backplates to reinforce this style.

Types of Decorative Backplates

So now that we know what decorative backplates are what then are the different kinds that are on the market. For starters when you buy cabinet hardware or door knobs you often get paired backplates with your purchase. Not all hardware purchases will come bundled together and in some cases of detailed styling you may not want an exact match between your hardware and you backplate.

One obvious instance where you will want different materials in when you have a crystal or glass door knob. You are not going to want a crystal or glass backplate if you have a knob like this. You will instead want to buy a decorative backplate that is complimentary but entirely different. For instance depending on your rooms décor you may find a brass or copper backplate may be more appropriate compared to silver or grey metals. Pewter is a good color for dark grey or styles as are some highly brushed steels or nickels.

Some pieces of hardware may look better if you bypass the metals altogether. Wooden backplates made from oak or maple or any other woods which are complimentary to your dresser drawers, cabinets, or doors. And as always, buying these different will result in different cost levels based on the materials used and the amount of decorative elements involved. Some of the most functional pieces will be a simple metal with little or no decoration as they are simply meant to protect the wooden surface of your cabinet.

Where To Buy Cheap Cabinet Backplates

There will obviously be a lot of people looking for fancy and decorative cabinet backplates but honestly most people are simply looking for the cheapest options available. When kitchen cabinets start getting scuffed up behind the drawer and door handles it is often much cheaper and easier to simply add a backplate to the handle to cover up the damage and prevent new damage from occurring than it is to replace the cabinets or even refinish them.

Most hoe improvement stores and large hardware stores will likely have a good selection of cheap cabinet backplates but they might not have many styles. If you are looking for a particular color or material in a particular size or shape then you may not find what you are looking for. Big stores like Home Depot or Lowes tend to have quality ordering services to but the specific parts you need or want but with them ordering it you are not experiencing the benefit of instant gratification nor are you allowed the opportunity to comparison shop for the best price.

Even for cheap cabinet hardware it pays to shop around for the best price because most home cabinet systems will require many identical pieces of hardware which can start to get expensive if purchased en mass. To keep your costs down on your basic everyday cabinet backplates you should spend plenty of time online at stores like The Hardware Hut, Bobco Metal, and even bigger sites like Amazon and eBay where many small warehouse retailers liquidate their products.

You can often find a few items that will work for your needs by shopping online most of which will be cheaper than buying hardware in a physical store. It will likely be no different that the ordering and shipping process the big box stores will offer either. Not only will your costs likely be lower but your options will be larger too meaning you should be more confident in your purchase. No matter if you want small backplates are large, metal backplates or wood, cheap cabinet backplates or fancy you should be able to find what you need online much more efficiently than in traditional hardware stores.