Cable TV is a way of providing television to customers through radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cable. Satellite TV is a system where the signal is transmitted to an orbiting satellite that receives the signal, amplifies it and sends it back to Earth.

Cable TV and Satellite TV have a lot in common with each other, there are a few differences. Satellite has more HD programming because of the bandwidth limits. Another difference is availability, Cable TV is more readily available in populated towns and cities, you can get Satellite in more rural areas, where cable is not available.

Some advantages of Cable TV is, the only equipment needed is the set top box, you can rent those for a small fee and some companies even provide them free of charge. With cable you can communicate to the cable company through your set top box, you can order Pay for view that way without ever having to pick up the phone. Cable has a lower up front cost than Satellite due to the fact that with Satellite you need the receiver, the antenna. Cable gives you local packages and with Satellite you have to order those separately. Cable seems more reliable, you don't have to worry about storms knocking your cable out as much as you do with Satellite. You know who to call if something goes wrong, you call the cable company, with Satellite do you call the company, do you call the installer? You have to figure that out, depending on what is wrong. You don't have to worry about trees obstructing your signal.

Cable does have some disadvantages also. It is more expensive, you have taxes and fees with cable that you won't get with satellite. If you are in a rural area, your area may not be set up for cable TV. If cable is available in your area, you will have to have your house wired for it. Satellite seems to have better sports packages, so if you're a big sports fan, cable might not be right for you. You get less channels with cable than with Satellite.

The best thing to do when choosing between Cable TV, and Satellite is to look over all those offers that you get in the mail. Look at all the packages that they offer, see which packages are right for you and your family. Also go over the pros and cons, see which you can live with and which are deal breakers. Pick the service that fits your needs and offers the best packages for your family's like. Both keep improving their picture quality and services, so either way you should have an enjoyable TV watching experience.