You may be aware that Cabo San Lucas is the favorite party spot for younger vacationers, but what you may not know is that it is fast becoming a popular family vacation destination, also. You only have to take a look around to see parents and their children enjoying the sunshine, swimming in the warm ocean waters, and having the time of their lives as they participate in all sports, games and other entertainment offered. It may well be that the parents once visited this area by themselves, and then decided that it would be perfect for a family holiday. There are several family packages available that your travel agent can tell you about.


Cabo is well known for the fantastic nightlife and the superb entertainment it offers for the party set, but that’s not all there is to do. During the day the  adventures and activities are limitless and can be enjoyed by all members of the family, especially the kids. You can fill every moment of your time doing exciting things together with never a dull moment. All children are fascinated with dolphins, so why not give yours the chance to go swimming with these friendly, frolicking creatures. That’s an experience that is sure to impress their friends when they get back home.


Kids are naturally curious, so a day trip into the desert area on horseback will give them a thrill of a lifetime. Explore the area by guided tour for a first hand look at some of the beautiful, natural wildlife, which is not only fun, but educational, as well. The kids don’t need to know that, though. There are plenty of other things to do for each family member. Mom and daughters can spend the day browsing the quaint shops, and dad and the sons can embark on a deep sea fishing charter. The whole family can sit down together for a fine evening meal before retiring for a good nights rest.


Why spend a fortune on a vacation that may not meet your expectations, and chances are the kids are going to be bored after a day or two. Take your family somewhere where they will have a great time from the first minute until the last, and give them something to talk about until the next vacation rolls around. It’s a pretty good bet that all hands will be raised in favor of a return trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas Family Vacations