Lobivia densispina

Cactus flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers nature has to offer. Most people have no idea that all cacti flower. This is do to the fact that cactus only flower when the conditions are exactly perfect. They either have to be in their native environment in the wild, or you must create an exact duplicate climate to enjoy the blossoms that these odd looking desert dwellers produce.

Mammillaira guelzowianMany types of cacti will put out very colorful flowers again and again, if the climate is right. This gives us a little clue. When one does flower for you in captivity, do not change its location, or the way you care for it and it will probably continue to flower.

Along the same idea if you have cacti and they never seem to flower, then you probably have not created the right living space to make the plant comfortable enough to show its true colors. Try relocating your plants until you have better results.

Rebutia flavistylaChanges including brighter sunlight should be done slowly, to acclimate the plant to the brighter environment. Cacti are a hearty breed, but to get proper growth and flowers the conditions must be just right.

Most cacti enter a dormant state during winter months. This is a time for rest. For you as well as the cacti. Never water your cactus in winter months. They can actually be put in a dark dry place that stays cold, down to 40 or 50 degrees is perfect. Cactus experiencing this cold dark dormant winter will blossom with an explosion of color when the summer months come and they are returned to their normal summer conditions.

Echinopsis Lady EvelynDuring winter months here in New England, we have six to eight hundred cactus in the basement all nicely packed in racks on organized shelves. Each in its own little pot to sleep for the winter. When spring rolls around ,we will start the traditional raising of the cactus, that happens at our house each year.

It can be quite a job, but when the blooms start popping and Karen gets her camera out, the resulting pictures are the proof in the pudding. Absolutely amazing colors will fill the back deck. Looking out the window is like staring at a museum painting. We often head out in the morning to six or eight new flowers that were not there yesterday.

Sulcorebutia menesesiiLobivia arachnacanthaWhen photographing cactus, try to find natural lighting outside for best results. Stay away from direct sunlight as this seems to wash out a lot of the color. A digital camera with a macro setting, taken from about 18 inches away has shown great results for us.

Cactus flowers are not something we all get to see. Despite the fact that they are native in almost every country in one form or another. We may see cactus in abundance throughout our life. The flowering cacti however is a little more special.

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