Café Bombón
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Café Bombón literally means “chocolate candy” coffee in Spanish. That sounds good already right? Wait and see…

This type of coffee beverage was first developed in the region of Valencia, which is in the Mediterranean area of Spain. It then spread to the rest of the country, but still remains a Valencian specialty.

Café Bombón needs only two ingredients: coffee and… condensed milk! Yes, that's the secret ingredient.

  • Coffee: in Spain, like in Italy, coffee is served in bars and cafés in the form of an espresso shot. Dense, creamy coffee with a top layer of foam, this type of coffee is the most appreciated (and best looking).
  • Condensed milk: you’ve probably heard your mom say that she’s going to buy condensed milk for the cake. It’s just a mix of milk and sugar, stirred together until it forms a sort of sticky cream. It’s widely available in supermarkets, and often used as a substitute for fresh milk.
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It is very simple to prepare Café Bombón, but you need to get the right ingredients, with the right quality, in the right order and with the right glass for it to be a unique experience.

  1. So first of all, you prepare the espresso shot (capsule machines like Nespresso are great to do this at home) directly in your transparent glass (so that you don’t destroy the natural coffee foam).
  2. You then take that to the serving table (if you have guests you should prepare one per person obviously!) and bring the condensed milk, in a small glass jug if possible (to match the glasses).
  3. Pour half to one inch of condensed milk into each glass (or to taste – you would be surprised how balanced the flavor is even with 1 inch… so don’t be too scared of making a sugar bomb)
  4. Put a stirrer or spoon in each of the glasses and ask the guests to stir themselves. This last step will make everyone melt on the spot.
  5. Drink responsibly. 80 coffees or more can kill a human being… Not to talk about the sugar. Maybe the right translation should have been... Coffee Bomb???