Health Benefits of Coffee and Caffeine

Caffeine Can Help Your Health Too!

Most people drink coffee, almost 50% of Americans do. Whey they are sipping the hot cup of goodness, do they think about the caffeine that is in it?  Most that do think about may look at the bad aspects of caffeine, other than the energy.  Some have said that it causes high blood pressure and increase your chance of getting cancer.  The general consensus is that those theories are wrong.  There is a good side to caffeine, and it may actually help prevent cancer among other health benefits.  Caffeine has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, up to 80%.  Drinking 6 cups of coffee each day, or if you don't feel like going to the bathroom every hour, you can use caffeine powder or a caffeine supplement.  Regardless of what you use, it can help reduce men’s and women’s risk of diabetes too.  This is done by the increased sensitivity and response to insulin.

Drinking coffee seems to have its benefits, and the same can be said of caffeine powder as well.  Powders deliver the caffeine more efficiently and faster.  Plus, the benefit of using a powder, you can mix it with anything you want.  There has been tests on actually applying caffeine directly on to the skin, and then exposed to ultraviolet rays.  Cancer tumors were shown to have actually shrunk in over 70 percent of patients.  And 40 percent cause even non-cancerous tumors to shrink also.


Drinking coffee three to five cups a day helps shrink the tumors as well.  The caffeine is successful in shrinking the tumor by its capacity to block the growth of the cancer tumor by its ability to block the protein called ATR. This protein causes cell growth and is needed in the growth of cells in our DNA, and it also helps it replicate.  So, when you are drinking your coffee, not only can you feel great about the energy, and the taste, but the cancer fighting aspects of the caffeine is an added benefit.


Even though five cups of coffee a day is a lot of coffee for some people, there are other ways to get your energy from caffeine.  Using caffeine powder is a fast, effective way to get your caffeine and energy, with less calories and additives.  There can be dangers attributed to over use of caffeine, including addiction, increased heart rate, and cholesterol (when drinking unfiltered coffee or latte’s).  Children and pregnant women should not use caffeine, along with people with heart problems too.  Caffeine gives us energy and health benefits, but with everything should be used in moderation.