Free the Happiness

Can we ever let go of our happiness if we know it will "really" be happy somewhere else than being beside ourselves? Would you rather cage it to make sure it won’t escape?

We may have never thought of it that way. But if only be it possible then, we’d surely do keep it for ourselves, or would you rather give it all up? Though it always brings good karma to see others happy, as it will be returned. But we don’t own happiness. If we did nobody would be happy. Do you consider yourself to be worthy of it? Well, life is like how number “8” looks like; it’s all connected with equal parts ---pain and joy.

True happiness can never live in a cage. It lives in our hearts, freely. We can not hold on to our happiness if it really wants to be elsewhere. If it didn't, it would be still with us. It is the hardest thing on earth to let go of it, but everything happens for a purpose. That purpose is not always clear to us, sometimes for a very long time, but eventually God's reasons are revealed. While one window may allow us to look upon dark skies, another will portray the moon and stars for us to enjoy.

The only way to enclose happiness and keep it from changing to sadness, is through avoidance of life, or words, or encounters with anyone who can make your emotions sadden. But by even attempting such a miraculous feat of mind and emotional manipulation, you are turning yourself into a zombie or one who has no ability to feel any emotion. How can you stop sadness and negative emotions, other than turning off your emotional control center?

 Could you be happy by being a hoarder of happiness that can't go wrong? This would be similar to someone loving an unreal idol from afar because the idolized version of your dream person will never disappoint you. In other words, hoarded happiness becomes a statue with loss of its energetic value to make you happy in the end. 

 There may be people out there that just don’t want to believe or acknowledge any sort of unhappy or bad thing, so by only showing happiness it's their way of contributing to that and pretending like everything's always ok and that there is nothing wrong. Most of us will share the happiness to others because we want others to be happy during the sadness we alone will suffer, somehow takes the pain of the sadness by being so.

 It’ll never cost us anything to do what is right anyway. We all have the liberty to spread everything good that we have, so to speak. The more happiness we give, the more it will stay with us. Sounds a little flowery, doesn’t it?  Apparently, yes. But it does work.