How the Cake Bosses morale and ethic should be an inspiration for us all.

I'm not one to write television reviews. I rarely watch TV, and when I do I traditionally go for the sports or (and more likely) it is because my wife has forced me into it. Recently, my wife and I stumbled upon a Reality TV show 'Cake Boss'. The show is based on the daily routine of Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. The boss is Buddy and a strong part of his staff is his family. His family is a traditional Italian American family that keeps in touch with their heritage and values. There is comedy, occasional suspense, and absolutely incredible creativity all mashed together in this weekly one hour show. The cakes that Buddy and gang create are simply breath taking. More than once, I am left speechless on what they can do. With all of this being said, Buddy is doing something that a lot of American businesses should do, prepare for the future.

The bakery that Buddy works out of has been in existence for 80 years. Buddy's family opened the bakery when they came over from Italy, and has kept it in the family. Buddy has recently done some modifications to the business, and they seem to be working well. The bakery has allowed customers to place orders online as well as prepared to open a factory setting that will allow the bakery to produce product more in the masses. This is excellent for the business, and I hope that other Entrepreneurs see this and begin planning for the future. Not to mention how much him and the bakery receive from TLC.

I have noticed, at least here in Scranton, that businesses have not taken the proper steps to ensure the future for their business. The businesses seem to just settle for what they have now. This is mostly because the business continues to be extremely successful, and that there is no real reason to make the jump to the future. This is terrible news for the inheritors of the business in my opinion because the business may become trapped in its ways, and may not be able to recover if a competitor makes these types of jumps into the future. This is what makes Buddy and his bakery successfully ready for the future! This and his ability to make some of the most detail-oriented baked goods on the planet.

If you get an hour, check out Buddy and the Cake Boss show on TLC. If nothing else you will be delightfully humbled by how his team of family members interact and love one another. If you are a business owner, watch the show with a notepad and take notes! Buddy is well on his way to super-stardom, and it was some simple steps that he took that got him there!