Have you noticed an abundance of cake decorating books popping up all over the shelves and displays at your local Barnes and Noble or Border's? It's no wonder. With television shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss becoming ever more popular, people are very interested nowadays in learning to decorate spectacular cakes at home, for special occasions or just to impress family and friends.

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, graduation party or any other celebration, cakes are always part of the menu. With so many cakes and desserts stores in the country, it's so easy to choose and just order for that special day. Still, nothing can compare to adding that personal touch to the cake. Personally decorating your cake can add a special touch to your cake, and make that special day even more special. Cake decorating books can help you make this happen.

These are readily available in bookstores, bakeshops, and stores that specialize in selling ingredients, equipment and other baking needs. Different icings would require different ingredients and would have unique processes that determine the taste and texture of your icing. Different varieties of tools and equipments for cake decorating are needed depending on the design you'd like to create. Cake decorating books guide you along with the ingredients, processes and equipments to use. Along with icing making, they also teach you how to make sugar flowers, mold chocolates and other cake decors. Pictures of each step and the finished product make it easier for you to follow the procedures.

Each book has its own set of cake designs you might want to try, depending on the event or cake flavor. So browse through and pick the designs that you'd really like to try. You can even make color photocopies of some of the pages containing your favorite designs and recipes and either have them laminated or put them into plastic sheet protectors, in this way you can keep them next to you on the counter while you are baking and/or decorating and they will stay as fresh and new as the day that you bought the book. Some books also include a list of stores from which you can purchase your baking needs.

Maybe you haven't baked a cake and decorated one your entire life but you'd like to try making one? Maybe you've tried it once or twice or maybe baking is just your hobby? Whatever experiences you have in cake baking, don't hesitate to make that day extra special by making personalized cakes. Your friends and family will be so impressed, and will wonder how you learned such a special skill! By using cake decorating books, you're sure to make that day much more memorable.