Decorating a beautifully fancy cake may seem like an easy venture. Until you’re ready to start decorating, that is. So how do you go about doing this properly and made by your own hands? Here are a few tips to help you make an edible piece of art.

First Tips First. Before you jump head first into this intricate art form, here are a few simple tips to help along the way.
•    Flat tops are always the easiest to decorate. Often times the top will become rounded due to high temps in the oven. To help flatten it out, place a plate on the top of it. Make sure to do it while it’s still a little warm so it will all settle properly.
•    We all hate it when pieces get stuck to the bottom or sides of the pan. A good way to ensure all of it comes out in one piece is to line your pan with parchment paper.
•    Another good way parchment paper will help preserve the shape during a frosting would be to line your cake stand or plate with it. This will help keep it off the sides and can be easily taken off and thrown away.
•    Writing things in icing can be a pretty hard task to manage, especially if your hands aren’t that steady. A good idea to help your words come out legibly is to write with a toothpick first. That way all you have to do it write over it with your icing.

Easy to make Designs. While most different types of designs require special decorating tools, there are still a number of ways to make a pretty design without having to buy all the different accessories.

Zig Zags. Zig zags can be a fun way to put an extra little pizazz on your creation. An easy way to make these is to take a fork and simply drag it lightly along the edge and top. Making them wavy or straight is all up to you.

Whipped Peaks. Making your cake look like it is a big, tasty cloud isn’t as hard as you’d think. Take the bottom side of a table or teaspoon, depending on how big you want your peaks, press it flat and pull it up at an angle. Continue along the entire surface, including the sides.

Wavy Waves. Using a table or teaspoon, again depending on the size you’re looking for, take the bottom side of the spoon and make a twisting motion. Once you’ve made that twist, move the spoon over slightly and make a twist in the opposite direction. Do as many of these as you like.

Stripes and Lines. Take the flat side of a butter knife and start at the edge. Draw the knife all the way into the center, repeat all of the way around and down the sides.