Which Cake Pop Display Option is Right for You?

There are many cake pop displays for bakers to choose from.  The cake pop craze has swept the nation, as these small, bite sized pieces of cake  on a stick is sweet, portable, and easy to make!

There are many recipe books out on the market with different versions of this easy to make treat.  The books give step-by-step directions, along with colorful photographs, on how to make colorful cake on a stick.  Beginners to experts can Baby Cakes Cake Pop MakerCredit: www.amazon.commaster the designs.

For people who want to make these treats quickly and easily without sticking their hands in a cake and frosting mixture, there is the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Machine.  Included with the machine are easy to make recipes for your own personal creations.

After making your treat, you cannot lay them down flat as that would crush your confection!   There is a solution to this problem.

Cake pop displays are stands that hold your dessert upright.  This stands will accent a candy buffet or are portable.  You can bring them to any party you are attending and be a big hit! There are many styles on the market.Cake Pop Display-Squared 3 Tiered StandCredit: www.amazon.com

Square Stand

This square stand by The Smart Baker can hold up to fifty-two sweets.  The bottom tier is 12 inches wide and holds twenty-four cake pops.  The middle tier is 9 inches wide and holds sixteen items and the top tier is the smallest at 6 inches, and it can hold twelve.  The white color compliments any dessert table.  Four or six inch lollipop sticks should be used.

Cake Ppop Display-Round Tiered StandCredit: www.amazon.com


Round Displays

There are a few different choices with round pop displays.  This three tiered display by The Smart Baker has three tiers.  It can hold up to 40 treats.  The largest tier is the bottom, which measures  12 inches wide and holds sixteen pops.  The middle tier is 9 inches wide and it hold sixteen sweet treats.  The smallest tier on top is 6 inches wide and can hold eight pops.

This smaller two tiered cake pop stand can show up to sixteen items. 

Poptzee Cake Pop Display and StandCredit: www.amazon.com Wilton 2 Tiered Cake Pop DisplayCredit: www.amazon.com

Wilton has a budget friendly two-tiered holder that lets you arrange eighteen different treats any way you wish to display them.


Rectangular DisplaysCake Pop Display Stand- AcrylicCredit: www.amazon.com

If you are looking for a smaller stand to display your homemade treats, this rectangular shaped one fits the bill.  It is 9.5 inches long, 4 inches deep and can hold up to eleven sweets.  It fits standard sized lollipop sticks.

Heart Shaped Cake Pops DIsplay StandCredit: www.amazon.com


Heart Shaped Displays

Want to say "I love you" in a special way?  Whip up a bunch of these and present them in this beautiful heart shaped stand.  This acrylic piece can display up to 32 confections.  It is easy to take apart and store.

Spiral Cake Pop StandCredit: www.amazon.comSpiral Stand

For a funky look, try using a spiral stand for your pops. Don't be intimidated by the 15 inch tall by 16 inch wide display, because it disassembles and stores away easily.  It is made of durable acrylic, so it can be used for many years.

Candy Bufffet decorations lollipop treeCredit: www.amazon.com



Swirly Lollipop Holder

Wilton has another option for displaying your confections.  The swirly lollipop holder can display all kinds of sweets that you create.

There are many cake pop display options for creative bakers to select.  These attractive stands will make any creation appear more tempting.

Bright, Colorful and Budget Friendly

Wilton Swirly Lollipop Holder
Amazon Price: $10.99 $7.93 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 3, 2016)
Whether you are making confections for a slumber party or a candy buffet, this item is so reasonably priced that you can make your treats, give them to a host and let them keep the stand as a hostess gift.