Do you love baking? Do you spend too much money buying decorating supplies? Well I have a solution for you.  When you buy supplies from a retailer, you probably don’t realise how much money you could be saving.  You could now buy cake decorating supplies wholesale without having to spend so much money.  Most of us love baking, but it can be very expensive. Baking is a hobby, its something that brings joy and passion to our lives. Cake decorating supplies can be extremely pricey, but purchasing your baking supplies wholesale can defiantly save you plenty of money and hassle! At a wholesale price you will be able to find really cheap supplies, yet they are high quality: Cake rings, pastry brushes, chocolate and cocoa, cake mixes and more are available and affordable through wholesale.  In return you can get more for your money because wholesale provides a large quantity of supplies which I think is worth buying from rather than purchasing from a retailer. 

What is wholesale?

So what is wholesale? Wholesale is the sale of goods, usually in quantity, for the purpose of resale to consumers. Wholesale is distinguished from retail, which is the direct sale of goods to the consumer. Most of the time, large companies and businesses will buy their supplies wholesale, but even smaller companies such as local bakeries and shops can buy their supplies wholesale. Think of it like this: You are a regular customer who buys products from Wal-Mart,  or at your local retailer. Well, how do these local retailers receive their supplies? They buy their supplies from a wholesaler. The difference between retail and wholesale is the quantity! Retailers supply their products in low quantities; while wholesale supply their products in larger quantities. 

How will wholesale benefit you

Like stated earlier, wholesale will save you a lot of money and give you more for what you pay for.  Also, if you buy from a wholesaler means you won’t have to keep running back to buy more supplies constantly; with retail, you will have to go back constantly for more because of the lower amount of supplies they provide, therefore you will be spending more.

Where to buy whole sale

Now that you know what whole sale is, you probably want to learn where to find wholesale distributors, so you can go out and buy your cake decorating supplies!  To save time and energy it is probably best that you order online, which makes life more easier. There are tons of websites online that offer wholesale purchasing. You can search on any of the online search engines and explore these different sites, and find out exactly what you need for your bakery shop. So why not quit buying from a retailer and start Purchasing your supplies wholesale!