When considering the melt value of silver Mexican coins, the first thing that must be considered is the weight of the coin in question. Second we look at the spot price for silver and a mathematical calculation will give us the intrinsic value of the precious metal in the coin. 

Mexican coins have a silver content that varies greatly, not only by denomination, but according to the year the coin was minted. Pesos range from 30% silver, all the way up to 90% silver, depending on the year. 

Today's collectors are joined by a large number of investors speculating on the spot price of silver. Finding the coins one needs to complete their collection is becoming a lot more difficult. 

The arrival of on line auction sites such as eBay and sites like Amazon offering coins such as the 2010 Silver Mexican Liberated Coin, along with online sites have brought to market many otherwise "sleeping obsolete coins", collectors have responded by bidding more for high grade examples. 

Numismatic value on these coins can far exceed the melt value. Some people who invest in these coins as bulk silver, have no idea they are melting coins worth many multiples the melt value. 

Silver coin calculators are available online with a simple search but this only gives you the silver value. These coins carry a numismatic value as well. Collectors are seeking them out and a good Mexican coin value guide is recommended before scrapping any coins. To help you get a better understanding of the numismatic value of silver coins it might be wise to sign up magazines such as 'Coin World'.

Circulated or worn examples of common date coins are all tied directly to the junk silver coin spot prices. This price market moves constantly and investing in any metal can be a very volatile experience. Fortunes have been made and fortunes lost. 

Speculators have run the cost for any type of silver to the sky right now and the talk around town is that it will continue to rise. This metal has a great deal of uses in the industrial world and will always be in demand for those purposes.

Always a moving number, what you'll get for silver coins of any country is a question that will get a different answer every day. The only safe way to calculate what your total value is, will be to ascertain the percentage of the coin that's silver, as well as what that percentage weighs and then check the spot price of silver at that given time to complete the calculations.

There are other factors that will directly result in a move on spot silver prices and therefore the value of all silver coins. This can be falling currencies. It can be a floundering stock market., or bad economic news. Whenever there is a problem anywhere in the investment world the money seems to flock to precious metals.

These factors could point to a continuing rise in price due to the many economic issues facing the world. How long the speculation end of the market holds up is left to be seen. One thing is for sure, whatever happens to the spot market, the melt value of silver Mexican coins will follow.