Calendar Printing To Promote Your Company

Have you ever considered using calendar printing to promote your company? If not, you should. After all, promotional calendars can be excellent advertising tools. There three big reasons for that.

They're Cheap:

The first reason that calendars are great is that the up front cost of printing them is fairly cheap. That's especially true compared to other major forms of advertising, such as billboards and signs.

Everyone Needs Them:

Also, unlike billboards and signs, everyone needs calendars. Office workers, families and traveling executives are just a few of the groups of people who rely on calendars to get through their days. In fact, it's hard to find people who don't use calendars. That is part of what makes them useful advertising tools.

In fact, they are more like gifts to your potential customers than forms of advertising. That makes them much more accepted and much less likely to be thrown away than business cards, brochures and pamphlets. So, they are a much better advertising investment.

They Last:

Also, people may see a business card, billboard or sign once, as they pass it by. However, they are soon ignored or forgotten. The great thing about calendars is that they are used for an entire year. So, they make a much more solid impression.

Also, since calendars do last, they can be seen by the same person more than once and by may different people, as the year goes on. So, a single calendar could be responsible for bringing many different new customers to your business.

Standing Out:

However, when it comes to calendars, standing out is vital. Usually, people only use one or two calendars in a given year. Some might use three, if they have one at home, one in their office and one for travel. That doesn't leave a lot of room for new calendars. So, it's important that your calendar is unique and interesting. That way, your customers and potential customers will want to use it.

One thing that really makes a wall or desk calendar printing stand out is how useful it is. A calendar with small boxes is hard to write appointments in. So, it's better to have a nice, open calendar with larger boxes. It's also helpful if holidays, or even historic events, are listed on the calendar.

People also like fun or educational calendars. So, including trivia facts, jokes or other fun information can be a plus. You may even be able to incorporate facts that are related to your business.

Speaking of relating your calendar to your business, the calendar should also have a theme. That theme could be related to your business. It could also be a generic theme that everyone likes, such as adorable animals.

Just remember, even the most attractive calendar is useless without the right information. So, you need to be sure that your company's name and contact information is clearly visible on the calendar. Then, just sit back and wait for the clients to walk in the door.