Calico Critters Offer Fun for Girls and Boys in the World of Cloverleaf Corners

If you want to give your kids toys for imaginative play, consider Calico Critters dolls and houses. Inspired by an imaginary forest community called Cloverleaf Corners, this line of toys from International Playthings used to be called Sylvanian Families. Both boys and girls enjoy playing with Calico Critters. These toys are so sturdy, even younger kids can play with them (minus some of the smaller accessory pieces). Yet the details of the homes and furniture make them appealing to older kids as well.

Kids don't often have much control over their environment. Dollhouses inspire hours of imaginative, creative play. They also offer a place where children have complete control. They can arrange everything in the home, from the dolls to the furniture to the accessories in any way they choose. A dollhouse gives kids the opportunity to role play, test ideas about getting along with others and resolve real life issues in a safe place where mistakes are easy to fix.

So Many Fun Ways to Play with Calico Critters

If your child already owns a dollhouse, Calico Critter furniture and dolls can be purchased separately as well. Traditional dolls for dollhouses can be expensive and often it's hard to find a good selection. You might also have trouble finding dolls that look like your children. Kids are naturally drawn to the cheerful detailed faces of the animals which feature moveable arms and legs. Families of Persian Cats, Kangaroos or even Hedgehogs are just a few of the options to choose from.  Kids can even dress and undress the animals.

Calico Critters furniture sets feature smooth, sturdy construction with cheerful colors and decorative details. These pieces are perfectly sized for Calico Critters animals. You’ll find everything you need to make a house home with bedroom sets, kitchen appliances and even accessories like bath toys for the tub,  potted plants and a tiny vacuum cleaner to keep even the smallest of homes neat as a pin.

Sturdy Toys Provide Years of Imaginative Play

Calico Critters houses feature so many cute details with durable, sturdy construction. These toys are made for many years of imaginative play and fun. Many come with working lights. The Cozy Cottage Starter set offers an inexpensive way to explore the world of Calico Critters. The Cottage features two stories with an open floor plan, so kids can arrange the furniture in any way they like. The set includes one bunny figure, kitchen counter and sink, stove, kitchen table with 2 chairs, a bed and removeable ladder. It also comes with accessories like bed covers, dishes and food.

Calico Critters offers a variety of animal families, friends, furniture sets and accessories when your child's ready to add to their collection. Your children can add animals and homes to create their own special Cloverleaf Corners community at home. Adding several homes even allows many children to all play together, or offers the option for playing alone.

A Variety of Dolls, Furniture Sets and Houses Allows Your Child to Expand Their Collection

Deluxe homes like Cloverleaf Manor allow avid collectors to let their imaginations go wild. The outside of the home resembles an impressive mansion, with plenty of windows for peeking inside to see what's going on, even when the house is closed. The back of the house opens in the middle to reveal nine rooms and a rooftop terrace, all ready to be decorated with furniture and accessories. Pretty decorative accents, such as a round stained glass window and working crystal chandelier make the Manor House very special. The large size allows room for two kids to play together at one time.

If you're looking for a toy that can grow with your little ones, consider Calico Critters. Dolls, homes, furniture and accessories will inspire years of imaginative play. While the line features a wide variety of furniture and accessories, your child will likely be inspired to create more accessories like letters for the desk, placemats for the table or rugs for the floors. The furniture and dolls are designed to work with each other, offering so many ways to play and have fun. Welcome the Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners into your home. These special little animals will make happy companions for your kids for years to come.