Even though owning a dog as a pet can be fun, it can also cause problems – like legal disputes in particular. Having a pet dog can be a heavy burden to owners whose pet has bitten another person because they may be subjected to legal battles.

In Los Angeles County, dog owners must know dog bite laws to act accordingly and responsibly in case their dog bites someone. There are particular tort laws as well as state and county rules that address dog bite accident claims, and these include:

Strict liability rule – Under this rule, a person bitten by a dog need not to establish that the dog owner’s negligence resulted into the accident. The only thing that the victim needs to prove is that he or she was injured as a result of the dog bite incident. Other factors that the dog bite victim has to prove include:

•    The dog owner is responsible for the ownership of the dog
•    The dog bite accident took place in a public or privately-owned area
•    The accident resulted in injuries and/or inconvenience to the victim

Mandatory rabies vaccine rule – In Los Angeles County, under the California Health and Safety Code, pet owners with dogs aged four months and above are required to have their pet vaccinated against rabies. Dog owners who fail to comply with the said rule may be cited or be required to appear before the court.

Leash Law – Los Angeles County Code requires dog owners to restrain their dogs regardless if such pets are licensed or not, especially when in public places. Failure to comply with this rule may result in citation or court appearance or both.

Annual licensing – All dogs in California are required to be licensed on a yearly basis. The dog’s licenses should be securely attached to its collar for proper identification. Owners who fail to comply with this rule may be cited, be required to appear in court, and/or be fined.

Los Angeles dog owners should familiarize themselves with the said laws; otherwise, they may face legal troubles, especially if their pet bites a person.

Dog bite accident victims in Los Angeles, on the other hand, may be entitled to personal injury damages. However, claiming for injury payments in a dog bite case is not easy to accomplish, which is why it is vital for victims to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer who can assist them in filing and pursuing their claim.