ATVS or All Terrain Vehicles looks like a fun recreational vehicle that any member of the family can enjoy.

And with the sunny weathers in Los Angeles, it just seems perfect.

However, what you do not know is that there are many inherent dangers that are connected with this type of vehicle.

In fact, ATVS are notoriously dangerous to young riders with about 22 percent of all ATV accident victims being 14 years old and below.

That is why the state of California is enforcing various state laws to regulate and prevent more ATV Accidents in Los Angeles and other cities and counties.

Some of the ATV laws in California are:

  • All ATV operators should wear a helmet when riding on public lands.

  • ATVs should be registered and titled with the owner getting a plate number. The registration should be renewed each year.

  • A person under 18-years-old is prohibited from operating an ATV on public land unless they have either a safety certificate or is accompanied by an adult who has a safety certificate.

  • A person under 14-years-old is also prohibited from operating an ATV without a safety certificate or without the "supervision" of an adult who has a safety certificate.

  • If the ATV is not designed to carry a passenger then, the passengers are not allowed to ride the ATV while in public lands.

  • ATVs are prohibited in highways and freeways

Aside from these laws, here are some other safety tips that you can follow to avoid ATV accidents:

  • Get training – Learn how to properly maneuver an ATV on different situations to reduce the risk of crashes.

  • Wear a helmet – Helmets significantly reduces the risk of major head and brain injuries after a crash. You can also opt to wear other protective gears such as jackets and knee and elbow pads.

  • Do not ride with a passenger – Most ATVS are generally made for single riders so taking a passenger may shift the vehicle's balance and result in a crash.

  • Do not use on paved roads – ATVs is not made for this type of road and you are at risk of colliding with cars and other types of vehicles.

  • Do not let children drive – As said before, children are the ones most at risk of getting severely injured in an ATV accident.

Consult a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to know your legal options if you get injured in an ATV accident.