Renting a log cabin in California is a fun way to spend a week or two on vacation. California log cabin rentals are very hot, especially in the Tahoe area, and can be expensive but if you do some research and rent a California log cabin rental during the off peak times you not only save money but have a great time because there will be less tourists around.

California Log Cabin Area

California is vast and diverse. Do you want a small log cabin on the beach in Southern California or a rustic log cabin in the beautiful mountains of Northern California? Do you want a log cabin the desert for exploring the area and prospecting for gold or do you want a log cabin near the border of Nevada so you can slip over and play some poker periodically?

Long Term Cabin Rental or Short term Cabin Rental in California

When renting a log cabin in California you must decide if you need done night or multiple nights. Do you want to stay for a week or so you want to rent the California log cabin rental for an entire season?

To truly enjoy the simple pleasures of a rustic log cabin with no satellite TV you must spend a week or more there. Once you and your family get in the groove you all will be loving the simplicity of a log cabin. Instead of everybody sitting around in a trance watching sitcoms on TV you can all sit around the fire each evening and spend some quality time bonding with each other.

With that said if you truly desire TV then you can find California log cabin rentals with cable and or satellite TV.

Rustic or Modern California Log Cabin

Do you want a California log cabin rental that is rustic and simple or do you want to rent a large mansion styled log cabin? Would you be happy with a small hunting cabin or do you need a larger 2 story A-frame cabin rental? A rustic and simple cabin will generally cost you much less to rent in California then would a fancy and elaborate cabin yet most families prefer the simpler cabins.

California Log Cabin Rental Area

There are countless areas in California to rent a log cabin. The Tahoe area is always popular but there is so much more to the state of California to see and do. Decide what part of California you would like to visit and then plan accordingly. If you want to play in the Ocean then rent a California log cabin that is near the beach. If you want to play in the Ocean every moment of everyday then rent a log cabin that is located directly on the beach overlooking the ocean.

California Log Cabins Rental List

You can contact a real estate agent to find a list of cabins for rent in certain areas. You can also search the internet and use a property management company to help locate a cabin for rent in the part of California you and your family desire to vacation in.

Summer Cabins in the wintertime

In many states such as Alaska you can find cabins cheaper in the wintertime, In California this is generally the opposite. The mild climate in the warmer parts of California makes it an ideal destination for snowbirds and off season vacationers. If you are targeting the Northern part of California such as the Tahoe region then you will have skiers and snowboarders to compete with who help drive up the rental costs of a log cabin.

California Bed and Breakfast Cabins

California is loaded with log cabin styled bed and breakfast establishments. You can easily find many of them by searching online. One of the most sought after log cabin bed and breakfast in California is the Gold Mountain Manor located in Big Bear, California.

California Log Cabin Living

California Log Cabin Rental

Staying in a California log cabin rental is a cool alternative to motels. You might not have an ice machine like you do at Motel 6 but you will have a cool view. Regardless of your interests you can find the perfect log cabin to rent in California for your next vacation. If you want to snow ski then you can find a California log cabin rental that is located either near a ski slope or even at the ski area.

If you like to surf then you can find a log cabin rental near the ocean and spend your days playing in the water. If you like to ride bicycles, road bike or mountain bike, then California has tons of options available for you. You can literally rent a cabin and hit a bike path right by the cabin if you so desire to rent a cabin in such an area.

California Log Cabin Rental Prices

Prices for log cabin rentals in California vary drastically. You can rent a small rustic cabin with no utilities or electivity for little money. The other end of this pricing spectrum will have a huge cabin that can sleep 20 or more people and have every luxury you may ever desire including satellite TV, hot tub, and in some cases a butler.

Cabins' are meant to bring families together so it is recommended that you rent a small quaint and rustic cabin. Save the big bucks for spending at other places. A small cabin with a porch is a great way to rock-away the evenings on a porch swing as you and your spouse relieve stress and make your relationship stronger than ever. Yes, a rustic cabin in a beautiful setting can bring people back together,

Skip the extended stay motels. Skip the mother in laws house and rent a California cabin away from the hectic pressures of your real life. Enjoy your California cabin vacation and by the time you vacation is over with you may decide you want to own your own log cabin. If you decide you wan to build your own log cabin you may consider a log cabin layaway plan. Image credit: (Flickr/gruntzooki)