The number of disabled people in the United States continues to increase because of vehicle collisions, workplace accidents and sporting activities. Because of this, federal disability policies are becoming insufficient for the needs of millions of disabled people. Fortunately, there are some states that offer their own disability benefits. This kind of benefits is called State Disability Insurance (SDI).

As of the moment, there are five states that have their own varieties of SDI. These are New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii and California. In this article we will be talking how to be eligible to receive SDI benefits.

Eligible groups for SDI

  • A number of domestic workers
  • Most state government employees
  • Interstate Railroad workers
  • Some non-profit employees
  • People who claim that they have religious exemption

Proving disability

If you are included in one of the groups stated above, you may be able to obtain SDI benefits if you have a severe mental or physical disability or illness that makes you unable to perform the usual work you do. To prove this, you need a certification of a licensed medical expert.

Duration of financial assistance

Once you are approved to receive SDI benefits, you will get financial assistance every two weeks. Your benefits will continue for 52 weeks or one year. If you went back to work for a certain period, your benefits may exceed one year.

Pregnancy and paid leaves

SDI also covers pregnant employees who need time off before and after their delivery. Another feature of the SDI is the California Paid Family Leave where employees can still be paid even when they are on sick leaves. You just have to prove that you are caring for a severely ill family member or a newborn child. If your employer refuses to pay your medical leave, you can ask a disability lawyer in Los Angeles to file a claim against him.


If you are already receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you can still apply for SDI. However, the amount of SDI benefits you will get may be reduced.

Obtaining SDI benefits should be one of the primary concerns of a disabled employee living in California. Aside from obtaining financial assistance, he would also receive a percentage of his monthly salary from his employer. If you want to know more regarding the California State Disability Insurance, you can consult an expert disability claim lawyer in Los Angeles.