New threats for the west coast?

I have lived in the bay area for 27 years now. I have never seen a Tornado in my life. Then as my band and I were going to play a show last month in Sacramento, we got hit by a strange storm. We were driving down I-80 when suddenly it starts snowing. Snowing in spring time? On I-80? I have never seen it snow here either and I was driving in 3 inches of it. To the left we see a lightning bolt hit a tree and turn it into a ball of fire. To the other side you can see the top of the twister forming. The world is definitely changing I believe our state will be very different a few years from now.

How big of a threat is it to California residents? March 18th was hit by an EF1. That means the winds were at least 70 mph+ I don't think anyone was seriously injured, but there were debris and roofing materials 600+ ft away. Yesterday at least 3 were found tearing everything apart near Chico. Amount of damage and possible injuries are not yet known. Another was seen outside San Francisco at the beach. Golden state tornadoes were rare, but not anymore... What's happening?

Do we need anything else? We're already in a bad spot for earthquakes and volcanoes, we don't need these. But they're coming! Best be ready for the worst. For the country, this is probably the worst year for them in over 50 years. I been reading that tornadoes may not be affected by climate? Yeah right! To me it seems like our climate is changing and they're showing up.

Cyclones form as funnels of visible condensation start to reach the base. If you're looking at a storm and you see a rotating column of air form, that's what I saw. The one seen at San Francisco was a waterspout. A tornado on water. Not quite a hurricane. However, waterspouts can be some of the most deadly. Formed by severe thunderstorms.

The most deadly tornado in history was in 1925. It tore through Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. It was an EF5 with winds over 200mph! I lasted almost 4 hours and killed over 600 people. They can strike in an instant and put a piece of straw through a tree. There are precautions that can be made. It's best to have a plan in place. Especially now, in a state where we didn't get them. I also don't think many shelters were made because of this.

Dust devils are known around here. I use to see them on the play ground at school. Dust devils resemble twisters, but they form under clear skies and are the weakest. They form when a strong updraft is formed near the ground during a hot day. Be aware! Keep an eye on the storms coming. I will be writing an article on how to stay safe if you encounter one.