Call Of Duty Black Ops has returned with a zombie mode. The game automatically comes with one map known as Kino Der Toten. If you got the hardened/prestige editions of the game, you will also get the classic zombie maps from World At War. There is also another map called "Five". Five is a another Nazi Zombie map that can be unlocked a few ways. This is a brand new map that was not in World at War. You can play this map, however, you need to unlock this map.

Things You Will Need

Technically, there are three ways to unlock the Nazi Zombie map "five." It should be noted, however, that this will ONLY work with the Xbox 360, ps3, and PC version of Call Of Duty Black Ops. The wii does not have have the Nazi Zombie map "five". In the future, the wii may release this map though.

The first way to unlock the Nazi Zombie map five is to complete the Campaign. Completing Black Op's Campaign will unlock the map for playability. This is the normal way of unlocking five, however, there is another way. The second way is to type in a code in the main menu. When your in the main menu of Call Of Duty Black Ops, you will see that your strapped in a chair. You can wiggle out of this chair. Quickly press the triggers on the controller quickly to break through the chair. On pc, this may be a different button. It only takes seconds to break out of the chair. Once your out of the chair, look for a computer in the back of the room. Access the computer, and type in "3arc unlock". (no quotations) You can now play the Nazi Zombie map five. This code does not need to be activated again upon the games boot up.

Lastly, the final way to play five is by having your friends invite you. This technically is not a way to unlock it, but if for some strange reason the code does not work, you can still play five if someone invites you. This concludes this tutorial to unlock five for Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies.
Remember there is no five map for the wii. However, there may be one available in the future. Currently, it is unknown whether it will require you to complete the game, or type in the code to unlock it.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you make a space in between 3arc. It should be 3arc unlock.