Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies can be a challenging game mode. No matter how good a player is, if you do not have a lot of points, then the game mode can be considerably harder. The points you make on Nazi Zombies can be used to buy weapons, upgrade guns, buy perks, open doors/barriers, and many other options. Primarily, you need points to buy weapons off the walls, or use the mystery box to get a random weapon out of it.

In every map, gaining a lot of points can usually make the game easier. The best way to gain a lot of points is by making the right decisions in the game. It may be relatively easy in the beginning Nazi Zombie rounds, however, the decisions you make now can affect your performance later. For example, you may need to upgrade your weapon(s). Saving enough points is absoultely vital to upgrade weapons, and buy perks. Of course, it depends what map you play on. The orignal Nazi Zombie map, Nacht Der Untoten, does not have a pack-a-punch to upgrade weapons. However, you still need points to use the mystery box, and buy weapons off the wall.

The best way to make points in the beginning is by knifing zombies breaking through the barriers. This will save ammo so you do not have to buy ammo off the walls as quickly. Another good way to make a lot of points in the early stages is to repair the windows while your knifing. You get 130 points for a melee kill. This is more than just killing a zombie with a gun. Just be careful, as the zombies might reach through and hurt you. Back off for a second when they do this. The pistol your recieve in the beginning may not be powerful, but is great for making points because of body shots.

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Later on in the game, it may be a good idea to use assault rifles and machine guns. These weapons are great for making a TON of points. Why? Because you generate a lot of points for body shots over a period of time. Then you get points for killing the zombie itself. Using weapons that kill zombies instantly are good, but may not make you a lot of points. A good example is the ray gun. Its very powerful, but will not make you as many points like fully automatic weapons.

Also, there are a lot of other ways to save points. Only buy weapons that you intend to use for a while. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of points on weapons. For example, once you get a gun that is good, or you like, keep that weapon as long as possible. Max ammo power ups are given sometimes, so there is no need to buy ammo unless you absolultely have to!

On some maps, fire sale power ups are given. This spawns the mystery box in every area for a cheaper price! If you need a weapon, use the box during this time! This will save you points in the long run.

If you run out of ammo in a gun that is not upgraded, you can upgrade it and get more. Of course, this can only be done on maps that have an upgrade station called the pack-a-punch machine.

Key Components to making points on Nazi Zombies

• Knife the zombies in the early rounds. This will get you 10 points per hit, and also more points if you kill them with the knife.

• Repair the barricades to make more points. You can do this while knifing the zombies, and/or shooting them. This creates more points in a fast efficient manner.

• Using fully automatic weapons like an assault rifle, or machine gun, can generate a lot of points. One or two hit kill weapons do not gather points as effective. ( e.i. ray gun, thunder gun)

• Power ups like max ammo, and fire sale can save you a lot of points in the long run. Instead of buying more ammo or a weapon, max ammo will refill your mags. Fire sale makes the mystery box very cheap.

• Head shots generate more points than a torso kill, or limb kill. Get a few body shots, then get a head shot for maximum points.

• Upgrading a non-upgraded weapon can give you more ammo. A weapon can only be upgraded once though. (also, you can only upgrade on maps that have a pack-a-punch machine)