Call of Duty Black Ops


More Customizations weapons/perks/attachments

More in-depth maps for various playing styles.

Split Screen Multiplayer

Multiplayer Zombies

Theater Mode


RC car is annoying could use without

Not much different from modern warfare 2, might get boring fast.

Campaign Mode is lacking, give us something new to work with.

Full Review

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops has grossed $650 million within its first five days on sale worldwide. This beats last years Modern Warfare 2 by over $100 million. Call of Duty has become the first entertainment property in history to set five-day launch records for two consecutive years across all forms of entertainment.

Over 2.6 million unique gamers logged 5.9 million multiplayer hours on Xbox LIVE on 9th of November. The game was also a tremendous success on the PlayStation 3.

Treyarch steps up and answers Infinitywards record breaking Modern Warfare2 with Call of Duty: Black Ops. At first I must admit I was skeptic. Treyarch has been the little brother to Infinity Ward living in the shadow in retrospect to the giant success of the Modern Warfare series. Last time Treyarch released a Call of Duty game it was a flop aside of nazi zombie mini game.

I came home one day from work and noticed I had 22 friends online, only to realize they were all playing black ops without me. After a little ridicule from my child hood friends, I rushed to Game Stop and traded in three games I rarely play for a copy of black ops. With a bad taste in my mouth from World at War I thought to myself "ahh what the heck, it's call of duty, I have to give it a try". I loaded it up for the first time and to my suprise I was instantly in awe. The graphics are not only good, they are spectactular, shining with detail that only haunt me in my dreams.

14 challenging playgrounds await you from nuke town to jungle. Each map giving you a variety of hiding spots and obsticles to use to your advantage. What I love most about this game is the multiplayer experience. Treyarch has introduced a new currency system. At the end of each game you accrue currency that you can spend to buy new guns, attachements, emblems, cammo for your gun, face paint, clan tags, etc. You can customize your gun by changing the cammo, color of the lens, shape and color of the recticle and various attachments. This gives the game a feeling of personalization that most first person shooters lack making the game very unique and adddictive.

Have you ever gotten owned so bad in a game you wish you could see how your rival was able to uttlery embarrass you so badly? Well now you can, after every game you can go into your player card and watch every match in theater mode. If you feel like sharing you can even invite your friends to watch you get devestated and learn how it they did it.

Black Ops gives you all the original features that you have grown to love in the COD series. This includes all original game modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, mercenary team death match (no parties allowed) capture the flag, domination, head quarters, demolition, and hardcore versions.

One feature I really like is the split screen multiplayer co-op. This is the first time it has been introduced to a COD game to date (Why? I have no ideal). This allows you and a friend to play multiplayer on the same tv in your own home, much like Halo.

In Black ops they have taken away a few perks such as commando and stopping power but you don't miss them much due to the other perks they have kept. I believe this game to be more balanced weapon wise because it takes away using shotguns as primary weapons and they are less effective than modern warfare.

In Closing

If you enjoyed the Modern Warefare series you will love Black Ops. There are more maps, more customizations and a few changes that make the game really stand out. Zombies is an addictive mini game that allows you to slaughter flesh eating zombies as you buy new weapons to keep them out of the building you are occupying. Other than those feautures it is not much different than Modern Warfare so it might get boring fast if you aren't hardcore.