Whenever a business provides an 800 number for the customers, incoming calls will keep on coming, increasing it to 25% or more. These are accessible numbers customers can call at no cost. Toll free numbers can be used in receiving calls. Most business offices and call centers use the virtual phone system that come with the toll free numbers. Incoming calls are configured before they are answered. This avoids unwanted calls and also, when calls are determined, they will be routed to a specific employee or department for better assistance.

Call routing can benefit the business in many ways. Enabling the entrepreneur answer multiple incoming calls at one time is one. Say when customers are having problems with their product in the middle of the night and they needed assistance to fix it. Toll free numbers enable the business to operate 24/7 providing assistance to customers when the need arise. Some existing and potential customers would call for inquiry and responses to their concerns.

Incoming calls are configured on the time of day. And according to the time of the call is received whether during office hours or at night, it will be forwarded to the right extension or another answer point to have the caller's issue resolved. Perhaps, the entrepreneur isn't available to answer the call, he can add a list on the virtual phone system on which number the call will be forwarded for better assistance. This prevents dropped calls. Small businesses can establish a 24/7 customer support through call routing.

A business that plans to expand, local toll free numbers can be provided for the customers in a particular location are able to call anytime. Traditional phone lines require more time and money to install and establish a telephone system. So, instead of setting up too many trunk lines, wires and answering machines, the virtual phone system enables a mother to answer the call and resolve his concern from her kitchen. Entrepreneurs do not need to hire employees and build offices in another location just to answer and handle calls from customers and even another business owner. Perhaps the marketer displayed a couple and more advertisement campaigns, he can simply add another number according to the campaign. Call routing doesn't just benefit the business in transferring calls, instead, it determines on the lead. It can measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Some telecommunications company take advantage of the benefits of a call routing service. The interactive voice response enables the caller to have an option on how his concern will be resolved. The caller menu is provided for the existing customers and prospects. There are some customers who do not want their call to take much of their time, so, they prefer to select an option to be served by the automated phone system. For example, in making a payment, some callers prefer to make transactions through a live agent, and for some prefer through the system to reduce the handling time.

Call routing makes it convenient for the customers and the entrepreneurs.