Call of Duty Multiplayer Guide MW3 Basics

Modern Warfare 3 is a great online game but it’s still the same style of game play for the most part as Modern Warfare 2.  Create a user name you’ll be happy with or just create more than one account it’s up to you. If you are new to game you have to get used to the fact that you’ll die quite a bit in the beginning before you can get better weapons, learn the maps and play the shooter for some time. As you play more often you’re going to find that your skills get better. In this game it’s sometimes better to stick with one or two weapons because as you level up your weapon you’ll gain better attachments which can help you play the game. This guide will benefit those that are just starting out with the game it’s not for the seasoned vets to this style of shooter game online.

Before you reach level four you can start with any one of the four default classes in the game which are GRENADIER (G36C Grenade Launcher and Red Dot Sight , PP90M1), FIRST RECON (UMP5 Rapid Fire,MP412, Tactical Knife),  OVERWATCH (MK46 Red Dot Sight, and Grip, SMAW) SCOUT SNIPER (Barrett .50cal, P99) RIOT CONTROL (Striker, Scorpion). These classes will suit you until you reach level four and you might want to use one or two of them as a standard. The Grenadier class is nice since it has the G36C rifle which is one of the better weapons in the game. Whatever class you choose will be up to you. I don’t recommend a sniper for a new player unless you are very good at it. The maps in the game aren’t designed for many snipers.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Tips: Playing The Maps

One of the nice featuress of Modern Warfare multiplayer is the survival mode and this is perfect for learning the maps since you’ll face off against waves of enemies. In this mode as you level up you’ll also get a chance to try out all the various weapons in the game. I recommend that new players test their skills in the special ops mode before going online. If you can get to a high level in the special operations mode it will set you up for online play but of course you can’t predict a human opponent. Most of the maps in the game are quite small so as a general rule you’ll want to us machine guns on most of the maps unless you are comfortable with rifles until you level up to the better weapons. The PP90M1 is a choice for many players and one you level to it you'll want to try that gun on many of the maps. The SCAR-L is one of the early rifles you might like to try. I like the M16 but it’s not really for new players and the 3 round burst isn’t the best against a machine gun, but I like the challenge. Before the G36C you’ll want to try the Type 95 assault rifle too it has a high rapid fire rate. Having a secondary machine pistol is great for when you are in a panic and out of ammo from your main weapon. 

COD MW3 Multiplayer: Play Team Death Match

The best advice for new players in COD MW3 multiplayer is to start playing the team death match mode and stick to the other players. Follow them around the map and help out with getting kills. If you explore all by yourself you’ll just be fodder to the better players in the game. Once you die try and team back up with other players and go back on the attack. You’ll get killed a few times at the spawns so always be on the lookout for people trying to get cheap kills around you near the spawns. The game doesn’t have great spawn points on many of the maps. I like a throwing knife for when I go around tight corners and catch people by surprise it’s a one hit kill and you can retrieve it for another use. This is better than one frag which you’ll use up right away in the game. Use the knife to sneak around the map and catch people by surprise. You can also just knife them in melee too. Watch the radar closely and be careful going into areas with lots of other players unless you’re in a group. A lone gun will bring down your team’s total quickly.

General Tips to Call of Duty MW3 Online Play

  • Join a clan and get experience playing with top players. This is a great way to get good at the game.
  • Play often and don’t worry if you die all the time, it’s just a game and you’ll get better with time.
  • Experiment with perks, killstreaks, and attachments on your weapons to find the right combination that works for you.
  • Try the survival mode in special ops to learn the maps or have a private match to explore a map before you play it online.
  • Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat your past errors.
  • Always move, don’t sit there so someone can line you up.
  • Move back and forth and side to side, when gunning for someone, you’ll be a harder target to hit.
  • It takes time to become good with a sniper rifle, it’s not for beginners.

COD Modern Warfare 3 Online

Mw3 is a great online shooter and you'll have tons of fun with it.  If you have played Modern Warfare 2 it's more of the same but it's still  a blast. The gameis available on the PC, PS3, Xbox360 and yes, even the Wii. Look for more detailed guides coming soon. Now get playing some call of duty multiplayer games.