Call of Duty 4


Plenty of gun customization in mulitplayer

Great game

Plenty of gametypes


No figure customization

Full Review

Call of Duty 4 is an awesome game that beats any other xbox 360 game. Especially the multiplayer featuring plenty of game types. The story mode features a new man in the army named Soap. You play through missions in his point of view and it is very fun. In the end there is an extra mission that you can do where you are on a terrorist plane and you have to regain a hostage that they are holding. This mission is very fun and it is also an achievement to complete this mission on veteran difficulty.

The multiplayer is way to complex to explain. All I am going to say is that it is very fun and that Call of Duty 4 xbox 360 live is the best part of the whole game. And I am going to say one more thing, when you go to buy Call of Duty 4, don't buy the game of the year edition because the 4 maps that they include in that one aren't very good. There is only one good map in that map pack; Killhouse. So go out and buy call of duty 4 today!

In Closing

Overall Call of Duty 4 is a great game and is way better than Call of Duty World at War. Overall the online multiplayer is better than the single player but the story mode is Oh Kay!