Call of Duty Black Ops is a first person shooter game that takes you deep into the Cold War Era. In one game map you can be stalking your prey through the jungle and in the next map you may be spawned in a snowed out weapons warehouse.

This game is by far the best of the 7 series Call of Duty games when it comes to interaction, game play and graphics. You can find this action packed video game available for Xbox 360, PS3, NDS, Wii and PC.

What's Unique about Call of Duty Black Ops:

In the Black Ops game you get access to never before seen and advanced weapons. Without going into the standard weapons which are far more modern than we've seen on C.O.D's previous games - there is a far larger arsenal to play with in this high action first person shooting game. This is not a complete list and just gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Black Ops Weapons, Killstreak Rewards and Equipment Guide and Info:

1) Explosive Tip Crossbow (available as a secondary weapon) - which is great for those long shots where you only have one chance. This arrows will stick to enemies and surfaces and then explode causing lethal damage.

2) Ballistic Knife (available as a secondary weapon) - These lethal blades can be thrown/shot out at your enemies inflicting death in a single hit. You are then able to retrieve your blade from where it lands. Perfect for those sneak attacks when you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

3) China Lake (available as a secondary weapon) - This powerful little grenade launcher comes in handy for those hard to hit targets - you know the ones with walls, buildings and cliffs between you.

4) Claymores - Similar to the bouncing Betty's many of us have come to know - set these laser sensor devices and if an enemy approaches they'll be blown to smitherines.

5) Attack Helicopters, etc - There is a selection of lethal aircrafts available (through killstreaks) that let you come at the enemy from above. An attack helicopter appears as an automated heat sensor weapon seeking out the enemy and plowing them down in a spray of bullets.

6) Chopper Gunner - Fly above your enemy with you in control of this high powered automatic gunnery machine. Your enemies will appear as easily spotted red marks below so you can easily pick them off.

7) Mortar Attack - Select enemy locations and then your attack will ensue with a bombardment of mortars dropped on your enemies.

8) RC XD cars - These little remote control carries carry enough lethal power to take down your enemies where they stand. You control with vehicle and maneuver it into enemy territory where you can initiate explosion at will or after a certain amount of time will explode on their own.

9) Napalm Strike - Call in a napalm strike and it will deliver a fiery demise for anyone in its path. The path may be narrow but it is definitely deadly for anyone caught in its way and those who choose to cross its path while still aflame.

10) Tomahawk - Much like the Ballistic blade this semi silent weapon can be launched from your hands at an enemy player causing immediate lethal reactions.

Warning when using your kill streak rewards: These perks won't put your teammates in danger but you can be so be sure to set your attack as far away from you as possible.

Tactical and Strategic Accessories for COD Black Ops Game:

These accessories help you cover your backside and get the drop on unsuspecting enemies in call of duty black ops.

1) Motion Sensors - Place these puppies and you know when the enemy is near.

2) Tactical Insertion - Place this little device in a location where you want to re-spawn and as long as the enemy doesn't destroy it then this is where you will re-spawn upon your demise. This can be sanity saving for the gamer who tires of having to trek back across the map.

3) Camera - This device allows you to place a camera in a location of your choice - you can then toggle the picture on and off to see if the enemy is crossing its path giving you the opportunity to know where the enemy is and an advantage to getting the drop on them.

What Games can you Play in Call of Duty Black Ops?

ZOMBIES: Because a lot of you are wondering - YES black ops does have a killer zombies game with a good selection of far more challenging maps and much creepier zombies then we had on COD World at War. Warning - beware of the professor when playing "Five" on Zombies. He will sneak up and steal your gun so if you see him coming make sure you have out your worst gun and to get it back you have to kill him. Another warning - those creepy little elongated crawlers on Black Ops Zombies maps will explode on death leaving a cloud of blurred vision so avoid being close when capping these crawlers.

Black Ops Zombies Maps

1) "Five"

2) Kino Der Toten

3) Dead Ops Arcade - 1980's arcade version of ZombiesCampaign: Play through the campaign to familiarize yourself with some of the maps and weapons and to also find out the "real story".

For those who purchase the hardened edition you also get the Zombie game maps from COD W.A.W.

Multi-player and Co-op Maps on Call of Duty Black Ops

Here are the maps you will find available for play in Multi player and Co-op game modes.

1) Array

2) Cracked

3) Crisis

4) Firing Range

5) Grid

6) Hanoi

7) Havana

8) Jungle

9) Launch

10) Nuketown

11) Radiation

12) Summit

13) Villa

14) WMD

Call of Duty Black Ops Game Modes

Action is required for the following game modes. Invite your friends or join a live lobby and see who comes out on top in these game modes available on COD Black Ops.

1) Team Death Match (TDM)

2) Search and Destroy

3) Capture the flag

4) Domination

5) Sabotage

6) Free For All

7) Mercenary

8) Ground War

9) Headquarters

10) Team Tactical

Call of Duty Black Ops is available for Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSand PS 3