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Credit: FireFish45

Call of Duty: World At War is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game that takes place in the World War 2 era. It was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It is available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows for the PC. Contrary to popular belief, Call of Duty: World at War was not the first game in the Call of Duty franchise, it was the 5th. They decided to go for a more mature theme and gameplay experience for this game. They have more violence and more blood than in the previous call of duty games. Here is my review...




The gameplay in this game is awesome, I would rate it a 5 out of 5. There are many ways to play this game, which is probably why it is so popular. Playing solo through the campaign is usually the first thing you do when you are new to this game. The game is played in the first person view, with your gun held out in front of you. In the campaign mode you fight beside AI controlled teammates to complete objectives. Your teammates help out a small amount but, I would say you are still shooting 3 out of 4 bad guys on the battlefield.  The campaign does a good job of running itself with several objectives in each level, indicated on the map by a gold star for you. It is very straight forward unlike other kinds of games, like role playing games, where you may get lost or forget your objective if you stop playing for a bit. Depending on what difficulty setting you chose, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete the solo campaign mode. There are achievements to unlock in the campaign mode for a total of 1000 gamer score points as well as thirteen hidden "death cards". These are playing cards attached to makeshift war graves.  Collecting all of the death cards unlocks the cheats for Co-op mode, such as reduced enemy endurance and "paintball mode".

  The game also features a cooperative gameplay mode, where up to two players can play via split screen on the same tv and console, or four players online, each on their own tv and console, can play through the campaign together. This is the first game to feature this in the Call Of Duty franchise. 

  Another amazing aspect of Call Of Duty: World At War is the online multiplayer gameplay. There are six different multiplayer modes, including free for all (every man for himself), team death match and capture the flag. The game uses a ranking system that awards you experience points and allows you to level up as you play against other players online. The Xbox live following is still very large considering the game was released in November 11 2008.

  Call of Duty: World At War also features a mini game called Nazi Zombies. This mini game consists of 1-4 players fighting an unlimited number of Nazi zombies that come in waves. Players can work by themselves or together with friends to shoot the zombies in a "co-op" (cooperative) mode either offline with two players or online with 2-4 players. The players gain points by killing the Nazi zombies and repairing windows and doorways, so the zombies can't reach them. 


Nazi Zombies


  The controls of the game are pretty straightforward and easy to use for the Xbox 360. I don't think I'd want to try to play this game on a PC, but to each their own. I would rate the control used in this game 5 out of 5. In the Xbox 360 version of this game you use the left analog stick to move your character forwards and backwards and sidestep left and right. You use the right analog stick to look up and down and left and right while turning your body. To use the Melee attack in the game, which is a knife slash, you simply push down on the right analog stick till it clicks. To aim down the sites of your gun you hold the "Left Trigger" and to fire your weapon you pull the "Right Trigger". If your weapon is automatic you can just hold the "Right Trigger" and it will continue to fire until it is out of ammunition, then your character will reload the weapon automatically. The "X" button manually reloads your weapon at any time. The "Right Bumper" button is used to throw grenades, you can hold the button down and you will pull the pin on the grenade, and releasing the button will throw the grenade. Sometimes there will be a grenade indicator icon on the screen saying you can throw the grenade back, when it's been thrown at you and it lands close enough to reach. You use the "Right Bumper" button for this also. The directional pad does a multitude of tasks in this game such as calling in an airstrike. The "Y" button switches between your primary weapon and your side arm. The "B" button is used for crouching and laying down, push it once to crouch and push it a second time to lay down. To get back up, you simply push the "B" button one more time.  The "A" button is used for jumping.


Challenge level

I think they did a great job on producing the four different challenge levels. These range from recruit to veteran. The challenge levels basically only affects the health of your character, not the actual missions in the game, so I'd have to give it a 4 out of 5. The higher the difficulty level, the easier you'll die. The beginning challenge level is pretty appropriate as you can take 4 to 6 direct hits in a 10 second period without dying. Your health regenerates at the quickest pace at this difficult level as well. You die with the first direct hit when playing the hardest difficulty level. 


Fun level

The fun level for this game I would give a 5 out of 5 rating, especially with the  online play. I am a huge fan of the zombie mode as well. It is pretty awesome. Most of the difficulty levels allow you to get shot a few times then duck behind a crate till you heal, and then jump out and shoot some more. This makes for a fun gaming experience. The online multiplayer modes are also incredibly fun. I like that you can play by yourself or with your friends. My favorite multiplayer mode is team death match.




Call of Duty: World at war is one of my favorite games. This was the first call of duty game I ever played. I was at my friend's apartment and we both couldn't sleep, so he suggested we play it. He turned up the volume almost all the way on the TV and we played Call of Duty: World at War till noon the next day. It was awesome. The gunfire, the blood, shooting people in the face, the exciting missions, what more could you want from a war game? I really like this game. It has a good, entertaining storyline with 15 levels to play through in the campaign.  I think the first thing I said when we were done playing that game was, "I hope they make more of these games!!" I would definitely rate this game 5 out of 5.