Call of Duty sucks

The best FPS? I think otherwise.

Call of Duty, the sacred game no one dares to bash. But you have to face the facts sooner or later. Why do you play it? Because you want to fit in maybe, but it’s repetitive beyond reasoning and the achievements just aren't worth it, not to mention the insane amount of annoying little things that happen in the game that just ruin your day, so what’s the point? Simply put, it’s way too overrated and mainstream.

Peer Pressure

     Most people I know, including myself in the past, played Call of Duty because everyone else plays. So that I had something to talk about, so that I appeared "cool" and it got me a way to fit in. Like everybody else, I didn't want to feel left out, that loser who didn't play CoD. Then I realized I was the loser because I followed what everyone else did, instead of doing what I wanted to do, which was Mario games (FTW!). I only keep playing / leveling up to keep up with friends.

Repetitiveness driving you insane?

     Kill.Die.Kill.Die. The repetitiveness shows after a few weeks, if not days, or even after trying out other CoD games. All the games are the same thing, just different guns (Not really) and maps. The storyline is just terrible. How original is nukes, terrorists, World Wars. Can't they come up with something of their own instead of copying the real world / history? It gets old after a while. Lots of games have the same features, nothing new (Special Ops / Zombies).

Worth your time?

    The achievements are horrendous and provide no reward to you at the end of the day. No satisfactory you did a good job, nothing. Just a load of stress on you from getting camped and “noobtoob'd” during the match. Once you get prestige 10 you just realized you wasted half your life on just a few dozen pixels. "Get 30 Kills Using Ak-47 to get Useless Pro". "Get 35 Kills Using FAMAS to get Scam Pro". Same old thing, there's just no more point to it.

Stressful Environment

Doubt that's good for your health

     “WHAT THE !@#$ STUPID !@#$ing campers! I HOPE THEY DIE!” There's a huge list of things that tick me off and I would like to share them with you. For starters, campers! Hiding in the corners, just waiting for kills. For some reason, CoD maps are designed for campers. Lots of crevices in the tiniest maps. Next, the amount of cheating that goes on is immeasurable. Aim bots, prestige hacks, controlled by little kids who think they're so pro. Usually though, they're the ones who rage and cry over the chat about how they hate this game everytime they die. Luckily, we can mute them. Annoying little kids.... (Points at myself). It's really annoying when you pair up with random annoying newbies who kill themself throughout the match, causing you to lose. They "try" to noobtoob, but instead kill themselves. When they succeed, they get killed by someone pretty quickly anyways. Then there are the people who use cheap weapons (ak-74). Multiplayer is very unbalanced; low levels are going to fail against high levels, most of the time, no matter what. High levels have epic guns, low levels have crappy guns. Not to forget, spawn killers. They just wait for you to spawn, and just kill you. But the most irritating of them all is when the connection drops and the match is reset because some idiot host rage quits because he doesn’t like the way the game is going, usually because his team is losing.


     Of all the FPS's I've played, I suggest you get BF3 instead. It's MUCH better. It's a much more realistic and entertaining experience. The entire environment is destructible, the maps are huge, like a real battlefield, and there isn't as much annoying and immature newbies because they're playing with their "friends" on CoD. I just love the teamwork and co-operation in it, because it’s a huge map and you fight your little battles in your squadron that add up to the whole game. Not to mention you can ride a variation of vehicles and there’s just a bigger variety of things you can do. Why not even try a different genre of gaming? Real time strategies, Role Playing Games, maybe even racing?

Here is a gameplay of BF3 in a jet. That's right, you can actually drive veichles in this game. Jets, helicopters, humvees, tanks and so much more.


     Simply put, it's an okay game. But there's WAY better choices out there. If you don't like it, don't waste your money on it just because everyone else does. Do what you want to do. Or just don't play FPS's at all. Find something that YOU like to do and stick with it. If you like this game hardcore and you’re going to troll me, that is fine. But what are the chances that you’re going to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 48? I doubt the franchise will even last that long, and I have a feeling it’s reaching its demise.