If you’re planning a wedding and you’re looking for flowers that will wow your guests as they sit at the reception table after the wedding, you should use calla lily centerpieces because they give your tables an exquisite look. You can purchase the calla lilies in bulk from a floral wholesaler then get some vases to place them in. When you calla lily centerpieces for the wedding you won’t need to add other flowers to them because the calla lily centerpieces look great by themselves. My good friend used calla lily centerpieces for her wedding ten years ago and all the guests loved it.

When you use calla lily centerpieces for your table, you can also accentuate it with a nice solid colored linen tablecloth. Some good colors for the linen tablecloth include beige, tan, teal, light pink or gold. Avoid dark-colored linen tablecloth for the calla lily centerpieces because this takes away from the beauty of the calla lilies. The vase should always be a glass one although some people use ceramic vases for their calla lily centerpieces. Ceramic vases work best for dinner parties at home rather than wedding receptions.

The great thing about using calla lily centerpieces is that you don’t have to use only white centerpieces. This is because calla lilies come in numerous colors. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing tan, you can place a calla lily centerpiece on the table with purple or gold calla lilies. Or if your wedding theme is turquoise and silver, you can paint the calla lilies metallic silver and use them for the centerpiece.

Another good thing about calla lily centerpieces is that they come in different sizes and lengths. If you’re using tall vases, it’s better to use long-stemmed calla lilies or if you have tiny bouquets for the calla lily centerpieces, use small-sized calla lilies. Or you can combine different sizes to create beautiful calla lily centerpieces.

If you want calla lily centerpieces but you’re on a fixed budget, you can purchase silk calla lilies for the centerpieces. These lilies look like the real thing and they last longer during the event than the authentic calla lilies. The guests probably won’t know the lilies are made of silk and you’ll save money in the process. In addition, you can get the same beautiful colors of silk calla lilies as the real ones.

Calla lily centerpieces add elegance to your party and they’re great substitutions for the traditional roses and tulips, which are common floral centerpieces. Another good thing about calla lily centerpieces is that they’re good to use for all seasons. In addition, you can find calla lilies at most floral shops and from online floral retailers.


One reason why you should use calla lily centerpieces is because they’re easy to grow and they grow well in warm climates. I live in the South and in my neighborhood it smells and looks beautiful because of the calla lilies. I grew these one year and I used them to make centerpieces for a friend to use at her wedding reception. Because calla lilies are easy to grow, you save money instead of getting expensive calla lilies.

Another reason why you should use calla lily centerpieces is because they add a simplistic look to your home’s décor. For example, if you want to use a floral decoration for your bathroom but you don’t want to use large flowers with bold colors, you can use calla lilies to give it a sophisticated and crisp look that will balance the colors in the bathroom. To complement the calla lilies you can get some wall decals that resemble calla lilies or wall sconces with calla lily designs.

Calla lily centerpieces often complement key features of your dining room depending on the style of the dining room. For example, if you’re decorating your dining room table with fine white china and silverware, a medium-sized glass calla lily centerpiece would work well in this setting. Or if you have ceramic dinnerware on your dining room table, two colored calla lily centerpieces are excellent complements for the tableware.

The calla lily centerpieces’ prices vary by store and how many you need. One way to save money on calla lily centerpieces’ prices is to make them yourself. Visit some local floral wholesalers and buy the calla lilies in bulk at a discount price. Then purchase some inexpensive vases at Walmart, Target or local glassware stores along with some decorative beads and stones for the vases. Start by washing and drying the vases then you want to place the stones and beads at the bottom of the vases. Then cut of parts of the lilies’ stems before placing them in the vases.

Calla lily centerpieces shouldn’t just be used for spring and summer because you can make a Christmas wreath out of calla lilies and turn it into a centerpiece for your front door. For example, if you have some red and gold calla lilies, you can staple them on a plain wreath and put some sparkling red gemstones and pearls on the wreath for a beautiful centerpiece.

If you have a tropical-themed backyard, you can use calla lily centerpieces on your wicker table to balance the colors in the backyard. Some colored calla lilies to use for your tropical theme include orange, purple, green or yellow. You can also use Tiffany-style vases to place the calla lilies in.

Calla lilies also can be used as part of catering decorations. If you have a large platter of fruits, you can place some purple and white flowers around the platter along with some metallic silver beads for a fun touch. Another idea is to place some calla lily centerpieces all around the table to add a nice elegance to it.

Another reason to use calla lily centerpieces is that you don’t have to buy the real calla lilies if you’re on a tight budget. This is because you can buy artificial silk call lilies and they’ll look like the real thing. The artificial silk calla lilies are affordable and for this reason you’ll be able to buy more of these in bulk, and the centerpieces will last longer than the real ones.