The best-selling golf GPS on Amazon is the Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS. It maintains a four star rating with over 30 customer reviews. It lists for $350 but it can be found on sale for just a little over $100. It has an LCD screen that is high-resolution and in color. The screen is transflective so you can easily use it outside in the sun. It makes a great gift whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day, or just because. Of course, a lot of people buy it for themselves a special treat.

Callaway Golf uPro Go GPSIt comes preloaded with more than 18,000 golf courses. This makes it easy to use right out of the box. These courses were all mapped by employees of Callaway so you know that they are accurate. In fact, thousands of points are mapped for each hole to ensure the highest accuracy.

The Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS has two different modes. These are BasicMode and to GoMode. All of the features in basic mode are available at no extra cost. In this mode you can view both hazard and green screens. Use hazard view if you want to have see the distance to the front and the distance to carry each hazard. Use clean view if you want the distance to the front center and back of the green. Use the green view if you want to access the mark function.

The GoMode requires a one-time activation fee. It gives you any point view screens and virtual green view screens. You can measure the any spot on the green from where you're standing if we use the AnyPoint View. This feature uses both the GPS and laser. With the virtual green view you are shown detailed and colored renderings of the green. It also gives you accurate distance measurements to the front center and back of the green.

One nice thing about the Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS is its size. Its dimensions in inches are 4.0 by 2.2 by 0.8. It weighs just 3.4 ounces. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a battery life of 10 to 12 hours. The high resolution screen is 240 x 320. There are no annual fees. It comes with a six month warranty.

Another positive of the Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS is how intuitive it is. It may be a little tricky to use at first but you can quickly get the hang of it. You can go between hazard mode and go mode quite easily. It is quite accurate and sturdily built.

Of course, there are some things they could do better. One feature it is lacking is the ability to keep score on the unit. It is also missing a hole view option. If you can live without these features, you probably won't be disappointed.

For its price, is one of the best choices on the market for a golf GPS. Whether you are golf fanatic or casual golfer you'll probably enjoy golfing with this nifty gadget. It is available at many golf shops, sporting good stores, and online at general stores such as Amazon.