Homeowners that are avid do-it-yourselfers can often make minor repairs when it comes to boiler problems.  Sometimes, however, it’s best to call in a knowledgeable expert who can quickly troubleshoot and repair this essential feature of the home.  When it comes to new boilers, it can be even more important to call an expert so as not to affect the warranty or manufacturer’s agreement.



Kettling is caused by a buildup of limestone deposits on the boilers kettle and is a typical boiler problem.  It’s very common in areas with hard water.  The mineral deposits can diminish the life of the boiler so it’s best to call in an expert to ensure that the boiler is functioning properly and the deposits get removed.  Kettling is quite easy to diagnose, however, since it leads to loud knocking sounds from the boiler.  There are also some preventative measures to guard against kettling.  Technicians can install central heating protectants that make use of descaling agents; these preventative measures can help homeowners ward off kettling issues. 


Burn Marks

Of all the problems that require an expert, this is one that requires immediate attention.  Burn marks or the presence of soot indicate a serious problem that may involve blocked or clogged exhaust flue or a problem with venting.  A blocked chimney can sometimes be diagnosed by the presence of soot.  In these cases, homeowners should make an emergency call to their boiler repair contact and act as directed. 



It’s always important to deal with leaks as soon as possible.  Furthermore, maintenance professionals can locate leaks that may also be hidden in the unit.  If there is evidence of leaks, serious boiler problems, be sure to call a professional to get to the bottom of the issue.  Technicians will likely test relief valves and ascertain that there are no corrosion issues on other parts of the boiler that will need to be repaired. 


No Heat or Inadequate Heat

Though some homeowners may be able to easily diagnose the problem causing their boiler to stop working such as a pilot light that won’t stay lit or a lack of water pressure, many may not be able to identify the reason that the unit stopped working or isn’t working efficiently.  Most homeowners should make a repair call for problems that can’t easily be diagnosed.  While these are common boiler problems, they can be compounded by applying the wrong or an inadequate fix that can be more expensive than simply inviting a professional to take care of the problem. 


Boiler problems can be frustrating for most homeowners, but professionals can safely apply necessary fixes and safe the boiler from subsequent damage.  It can also be a good idea to have the boiler checked on a regular basis by a maintenance professional who can get to know the make and model and possibly head off problems before they become disasters.