The Ped Egg

Smooth Feet Feels Good

The Ped Egg helps keep the bottom of feet silky smooth.  Fits into the palm of your hand while you rub away rough spots that accumulate on the bottom of the soles and balls of the feet.

The Ped Egg works just like a cheese grater.  You place it in the palm of your hand then slowly rub the grater across the hard dried part of the sole.  The grated skin falls into the egg and when finished grating the bottom of the foot, simply open to discard into the trash.  No fuss with no mess and keeps the bottom of feet looking smooth and healthy.

Ped Egg

The Original Ped Egg

The Cons

The original Ped Egg does work great but now the new Ped Egg has a handle to help reach the bottom of the foot.  It's a personal preference.

Getting Older Happens

As we get older foot care becomes more important. The bottoms of our feet become more rough, dry and many experience hard calluses. Getting a pedicure every six to eight weeks does help keep our feet soft and smooth but if your someone who experiences their feet needing a pedicure more often because of rough soles or dry calluses that build up you might want to consider purchasing a "Ped Egg".

Ped Eggs are wonderful and the egg-shaped beauty tool fits in the palm of your hand. In-between getting a pedicure you can easily spend five minutes buffing the soles of your feet using the Ped Egg. Here's a tip, buff your feet with the Ped Egg before you go into the shower or bath and afterwards use your favorite foot cream and you will notice how baby soft your feet will become and feel.

In Closing

In between pedicures use the Ped Egg to keep your feet soft and smooth. I use the Ped Egg at least twice a month and it works!