Nervousness is something that almost everybody has. However, everyone gets nervous for a different reason. Perhaps you get nervous about taking a test or going on an airplane. Some people get nervous about standing in front of an audience and giving a speech. This article will help you calm your fear of giving a speech. By keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to give a speech with little or no fear.

Read and re-read your speech. If you wrote your speech, you want to be certain that everything makes sense and you can clearly get your point out. Make sure you hit all of the details and talk with enthusiasm.

Practice makes perfect. It is very likely that you have heard this saying numerous times in your life. By practicing in front of the mirror, you are learning what you can do to correct any things you may be doing wrong. Whether it is speaking louder, making more eye contact or pronouncing your words clearer, you should be able to point out what you can improve. It is also helpful to practice in front of other people too. Let them know to be honest as to what you can correct. Chances are you have overlooked some things and will be happy that they let you know.

Stand up with confidence. Telling yourself that you are not going to do well may cause you to actually not do so well. It is important to stand in front of your audience and have confidence in yourself. You will do great and people will leave your speech satisfied with the information you provided them.

Make eye contact with your audience. An audience loves when eye contact is made with them. They find it rather boring when a person stands in front of them and reads something off of a piece of paper. Remember when you were practicing your speech to yourself and gave your piece so enthusiasm? It is important to do that in front of your audience as well.

Smile often. Standing up there with a frown on your face will tell your audience that you are not happy with what you are doing. Keeping a smile on your face will prove to them that you actually mean what you say.

Suck on a mint or gum while you are giving your speech. Mint flavor helps ease your nervousness and helps your perform your speech better. Be sure not to chew loudly and keep your gum or mint on the top or side of your mouth so it doesn't cause a distraction.

Bring water up with you. Many people who give a speech usually have water with them. Sipping water occasionally helps calm your nerves and prevents you from getting a dry mouth when talking. Keep in mind that whenever you feel you need to take a break from talking you can always use your water as an excuse. Try to take small sips after you are done talking about a topic or a paragraph, before you move on to the next.