Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition

The calorie restriction diet is believed to encourage longer life because scientific research has found that many animals respond to few calories by living longer and healthier lives. To practice this longevity diet you have to effectively cut approximately thirty percent of your caloric consumption levels from that of an average person. This means that to truly follow the diet you have to consume approximately 1400 calories a day compared to an average diet of approximately 2000 calories a day.

The Calorie Restriction Diet

Because the calorie restriction diet is so limiting on calories you have to be very careful to not starve yourself from vital nutrients. This is why it is a controversial practice because many people have trouble getting optimal nutrition while limiting the quantity of food they eat. Calorie restriction with optimal nutrition implies that great care is taken to optimize the calories actually consumed. Rather than eating whatever is available those who practice calories restriction with optimal nutrition (CRON) will make sure to only eat those foods which will maximize the nutrient intake for the respective calories consumed. No calorie goes wasted.

As calorie restriction alone is not safe unless full nutritional needs are more difficult to come by when fewer calories are consumed on a daily basis. It is important to identify when the CRON diet is acting more like a starvation diet. Without optimal or better nutrition then calorie restriction is merely starvation which can swing a life span from extreme longevity to early death.

Those who attempt and fail to follow a CRON diet fall into two groups. One group is incapable of limiting their caloric consumption levels to such a great extreme. These people may or may not be capable of getting optimal nutrition but it doesn't matter, their calorie levels are too high. The other group is capable of limiting their calories consumed but is incapable of getting optimal nutrition for whatever reason. This is dangerous because the body could become lacking in many key nutritional areas and go into starvation mode or worse.

Low Calorie Longevity Diet

Ideally if you want to practice calorie restriction with optimal nutrition you need to form a basic understanding of nutrition. You need to know what the body needs to perform in peak condition and how to fuel your body's needs with your food. You also need to slowly acclimate your body to the reduction in calorie levels by slowly ratcheting down the calories as your body slowly adjusts to the smaller food quantity. Keeping a food journal helps in both areas and can keep you on a path to a predefined goal. By charting out your progress you are more capable of succeeding with CRON.

As previously stated CRON has been shown to be an efficient way of lengthening life in various animals in clinical settings however the theory has not been fully tested on humans and thus it is merely a theory. If you choose to live a healthy life in the first place then adding CRON to your regimen might be an option however calorie restriction with optimal nutrition is a lifelong project so it shouldn't be undergone lightly and it shouldn't be completely relied upon. Until science catches up to this theory and proves or debunks it this is just another potential tool to live longer healthier lives. At the very least eating with optimal nutrition should be a goal for us all.