Most women who love Zumba, like me, naturally want to know how many calories burned in Zumba. This form of exercise has been really sweeping the world, not just because of how quickly it can whip you into shape, but also for the amount of weight you can lose incorporating a Zumba plan into your exercise routine.

If you love to dance, from salsa to meringue to hip hop to everything in between then you probably already know that you'll never get bored in one of these classes. Being bored is the quickest way to not be consistent in your weight loss plan. And we also know that losing weight is nothing but a numbers game.

Calories in and calories out. Essentially, you want to burn more than you take in, especially when you have a lot of weight to lose, like I did.

 Zumba – The Best Calorie Burner

 So, let's talk about the amount of calories burned in Zumba. Depending on the type of Zumba you are doing and the amount of energy you are expelling, you could be burning close to 600 calories for an hour of Zumba dance classes.

That's quite a bit of calories, but you have to move your body, and really all of it. The more advanced Zumba classes incorporate some kickboxing and even jumping up at the end of a salsa or meringue move. This is what you'll want to work up to when you want to burn alot of calories in Zumba. And really you can, espeically when a lot of the classes are set up like night clubs with strobe lights and disco balls.

 You should also remember that if you are a beginning, getting a doctor's approval before starting is advisable as well as easing into some of the moves. A good Zumba instructor will show you modified moves for those who are new to the exercise. An even better Zumba class may even have more than one instructor, one who does low impact and another who does high impact. The lower impact Zumba moves may only have you burning 250 to 300 calories, but that's more than you'd burn just doing nothing on the couch.

 Walking and even steady pace for an hour could also have you burning around 350 calories, but consider the fact that you may get bored. You don't get all of the experience of a real exciting dance class that makes you happy. Keeping up with an exercise routine is doing what you enjoy and makes you feel good. People quit exercise programs, because they hate them.

 If you're a real beginner and not up for going to classes consider a Zumba DVD. Some of the best instructional workouts are found on DVD. You'll also be able to enjoy the benefits of Zumba without ever leaving your home. Zumba gets you into shape quickly. You also burn nearly the same amount of calories as a person running during that length of time would as well. And you have a lot of fun.

If you're looking for Zumba classes in your town, consider checking out the ones likely offered at your local recreation center. You should also feel comfortable enough to just look and watch before you take the class. Once you're ready to jump in, have fun and enjoy yourself.

 The benefits of Zumba

Remember this kind of exercise can really change your body fast, the calories burned in Zumba are high, but you have to also remember that you'll need to exert your self, so swing those arms and move that body.