Combining fast food and dieting can be notoriously difficult due to the high calorie nature of fast food itself. However, recent years have seen a plethora of alternatives appearing on the menu of fast food chains including vegetarian options and salads. The key question however is will these alternatives save on the calorie count?

How Many Calories in a Burger King Veggi Burger?

At burger king there are two vegetarian options, a standard interpretation of the vegetable burger and a wrap.

  • Veggi Burger 590
  • Veggi Wrap 459
  • Hamburger 284
  • Whopper 651

In this case it can be seen that when comparing the vegetarian options to a hamburger, the option does not give a calorie saving with the Veggi Burger holding more than twice as many calories as the standard Hamburger. In comparison to the Whopper, there is a slight reduction in calories, but only 61 in the case of the burger or a more substantial 192 in the case of the wrap.

How Many Calories in Nando’s Vegetarian Options?

Nando’s offers a range of vegetarian options in a number of formats but how do these stack up against the standard chicken offerings?

  • Veggie Burger 312
  • Bean Burger 503
  • Chicken Burger 333

As one can be seen the standard Veggie Burger is comparable in calorie count to the chicken burger with just a 21 calorie difference. However, swap this for a Bean Burger and the vegetarian option actually comes out 170 worse than the standard Chicken Burger.

How Many Calories in Weatherspoon’s Burger Meals?

Weatherspoon’s offers a wide range of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers all served with chips and a side salad a standard, but what about the calorie count?

  • Vegetable Burger – With Chips and Side Salad 846
  • Classic 6oz Beef Burger – With Chips and Side Salad 1,069

In this case the Vegetable Burger meal comes out with a lower calorie count that the standard 6oz beef version with a saving of 223 calories making this the biggest saving by going veggie at the three chains considered.

As such, comparing vegetarian fast food options to their meat bearing counterparts shows that there is no automatic reduction in calories to be gained and in some cases the vegetarian option turns out to have more calories in it than the meat based version. While these options may cut out the meat, don’t rely upon them to necessarily cut out the calories, going small or changing meals may be a better option.