Sihanoukville Beaches

Cambodia beaches are somehow new on the travelers "radar" most are around the coastal towns of Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, Kep and Kampot in the south of the country. It's a bit basic but everything functions. Best are around Sihanoukville beaches, Kampot and Kep.


The 6 main Sihanoukville beaches are, starting  from  north west, Victoria, Independence, Hawaii, Sokha, Otres, Serendipity & Ochheuteal beach.Using the first link above give access to seberal beach maps.

There are also several around Kho Kong but there is no infrastructure such as roads, accommodation etc. and roads off the main road between the Thai border and Koh Kong town are only dirt treks. 

If you are out for some adventure rent a motor bike and move around, they also have dirt bikes for rent in Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, Kep and Kampot. Dirt bikes are the best "tool" to visit a Cambodia beach since the roads around are very often just dirt treks.

Around the beach in Sihanoukville are enough good hotels, many are registered as guest houses but have hotel level, this has something to do with taxes, hotels must pay higher taxes.

Hotels are within a few walking minutes off Ochheuteal beach and the other waterfront, they are in a range of around $ 30 and food is rather cheap but good. Since there is fierce competition prices are rather low.

Some nightlife 

Sihanoukville has some nightlife with several open air and covered discos, there is also one at Koh Kong's town center.

Live is rather slow moving, people are nice and most contacts speak English. To move around only dollars are needed, they wont take the local currency means no need to think about changing money.

A couple of day trip

attractions are in the area, the most famous is Bokor National Park, when making a tour take good shoes, no slippers since the trek is continuous upwards in the bamboo jungle of the hill. The reward is a visit to the Bokor Hill Station with a breathtaking panorama over the waterfront west of Kampot. Nearby is a beautiful waterfall (photo at the link above), at Kampot are only basic accommodations and a few pretty beaches. Plus restaurants and all the stuff whats needed, all is low priced runs in slow motion and is a pleasant life. Try to get a massage from the shop with the blind women just beside the main restaurants at down town.

There are also some interesting day trips at Koh Kong, first Sre Ambel with Peal Rong Waterfall second Tatai Waterfall or rather rapids and the third is Koh Poi Waterfall or rather rapids which can only be access via an hour speed boat ride along the coast and on a creek into the countryside. Koh Kong City has some good hotels two are right at the waterfront, the Koh Kong City Hotel has a excellent restaurant built into the water, looks very pretty. This could also be interesting when doing a Thailand visa run Trat Koh Kong, the border is only around 10 minutes by motorbike from the hotel. At the border is also a huge casino almost entirely for Thai people. For more check our website with comprehensive information about the country. 


Koh Kong Beach
Ochheuteal & Serendipity beach
Ochheuteal Beach
Otres beach
Otres beach(101448)
Beach BBQ Cambodia
Sokha Beach
Sontepheap Guest House
Sre Ambel
Tatai Waterfall