Some camcorders in the marketplace do not come cheap, were talking thousands of dollars here. More and more expensive models with added features are hitting the shelves each week. This is good news for people who are on a tight budget, but still want to buy decent quality camcorders for a cheap price. If you don't mind buying second hand stuff or older discontinued camcorders, then you will be able to find yourself lots and lots of camcorders for under 100 dollars.

Camcorders Under 100 DollarsIf you are looking for a better quality camcorder, then your best option is going to be buying second hand. This is because you are more likely to buy a camcorder that when purchased new cost many times more. Camcorders that you buy new from retail stores for under 100 dollars are usually made with cheap inferior parts that will not last you very long.

If you are looking for camcorders under 100 dollars the best place to start is the online auction sites such as eBay. eBay is a second hand buyers paradise with more and more cheap camcorders hitting the website every day. But due to its popularity it is quickly becoming more and more harder to find yourself bargains. It all depends on how many people are viewing the auction at the time it ends. Some times you will get yourself a bargain and other times you will not.

To ensure that you ever pay over the odds on eBay its very important that you always make your bid with just seconds to go till the end of the auction. By doing this you are ensuring that you don't give other buyers a chance to outbid you and up the final asking price. When making a final second bid on eBay, put in the maximum amount that you want to pay for the camcorder. If its $100, and you get outbid. Then you are not going to be upset if someone outbids you.

When I first started using eBay, I use to make bids with days to go. I now know that this was extremely foolish. All that I was doing was giving other people a chance to make a bid and boost up the price. The only downside to making final second bids, is that you need to be at the computer at the time the auction ends. This isn't always practical, so if you are not going to be around at the time the auction ends. Forget about that one, and wait for another one.

Another good website for picking up good second hand camcorders for under 100 dollars is Craigslist. Craigslist is huge, but speaking from experience you are more likely to pick up a bargain because users are less Internet savvy, and offer goods at much lower prices than eBay. I know this will surprise you, but did you know that there are lots of people who buy second hand goods on eBay that if they shopped around online. Would be able to buy the same goods cheaper brand new.

Another good place to find camcorders for under $100 dollars, are your local newspapers. As we all know a camcorder for lots of people is an impulse buy and a large percentage of people who buy camcorders will never probably use it. This means that they list the camcorder in their local newspaper and sell a virtually brand new camcorder for a bargain price. Finding a camcorder for under one hundred dollars isn't easy, but it can be achieved by shopping around online and being prepared to buy used and second hand camcorders.