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The town of Camden in London is a diverse entertainment hub that overflows with a wide variety of markets, restaurants, shops, pubs, bars, cinemas and theaters. Among the markets, Camden Market is one of the biggest tourist attractions in London, especially on weekends. The market has hundreds of stalls and stores for fashion, art, exotic food, and music. Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley and George Orwell highlighted the importance of Camden Market to London culture in many of their writings.

The original craft market was by the canal, called Camden Lock Market which was established in the early 1970’s. Because of its increasing popularity, other markets have been established in the following years, such as the Camden Stables Market which is the alternative fashion center. Camden Market in Buck Street also thrived before tourists discovered the joys of Camden, mainly because it is open every day making it perfect even for visitors on weekdays. But the market scene jumps into life on weekends with all shops and stalls in full throttle for trading.

A Brief History

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In the late years 19th century, the Regents Canal was the primary means of transporting goods in and out of Camden. This resulted to the increase in the number of production lines and warehouses in Camden, processing goods that are sent to the city through the canal. When the railroads became a cheaper way to transport produce to the city, Camden became less prosperous and most of the processing plants and warehouses closed down. In the ‘70s, the idea to use Camden as a space for market was established. Camden Market was born when British Waterways agreed to have some of the buildings and land leased out. Eventually, the numbers of stalls and shops hugely increased, and Camden Market became a popular tourist destination.

Things to Know about Camden Market

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Camden Market refers to the four markets that are in the northern part of Camden Town. Each of these markets has their own character based on the offered goods ranging from fashion imitations, music memorabilia, and fine jewelry to branded goods. One of the reasons why tourists flock the Camden Market is the opportunity to find unique treasures while shopping.

How to get to Camden Market

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Camden Market is reachable by tube through the Northern Line. You can get off the Camden Town station, but most tourists choose to get off at Chalk Farm and stroll towards the markets. During weekends, the bus is a better option than driving your own car because parking spaces may be difficult to come by. Besides, walking from the Regent’s Park along the canal path is a pretty good experience, and will lead you directly into the middle of the market.

Opening Days Information

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Over the years, Camden Market has evolved into a daily operation from being just a weekend affair. Many tourists choose to visit on weekdays because the crowd is less; however, some of the stalls are not open. The main street shops, though, are open seven days a week in all four markets.

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