Camera bags for women are something a female photographer can be really looking for. But before you are thinking about buying special pink bags and such, there are some basics to learn first.

Whenever you are becoming a professional photographer you understand what you should all take with you. Taking pictures can be fun, but carrying all the stuff with you, not so much. And therefore the camera bags are important. Not only to carry everything with you, but to protect your expensive electronics as well.

With the new millennium also a new type of equipment came. The digital camera. Companies like Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and other big companies created these beautiful products where the film is not needed anymore. You can store a lot of photos on the cameras and they are a great way for starters to learn how to take a picture.

With all of these improvements, also more vulnerability came. For instance, digital camera's are more sensitive to water and dust. A cute camera bag can protect your camera from this!

Camera Bags For Women: Some Basics

First of all, we need to establish some ground rules to a good camera bag.

Keep it from moving

When you are walking you are making constant use of the first law of Newton: Mass is Slow. Therefore, when you are setting your foot on the ground, the bag will keep moving and it will swing back. This can result in movements of your camera. This is exactly what a good camera bag prevents. The camera should be tucked in really well, to keep it from any type of movement.

Pads: Make Sure it Can Bump!

Besides moving, you camera bag should also make your camera resistant to some degree of bumping. Maybe you drop the bag by accident. Or you have put it on the ground just a little to fast. To protect your camera the bag should have some soft pads inside. These pads make sure your camera is bump-resistant!

Water Resistance

As you are walking through the rain, taking a hike in a non-dry area or you are simply spilling your drink sometimes, your camera bag should be water resistant. Your digital camera is probably resistant to some spatter, but when it rains it will get broken. The bag should be there to prevent this.

Camera Straps

Think about how you wish to carry your camera. Should the camera straps be adjustable? Or is one length enough? And what about the way you carry it. Around your neck? Or around your shoulder. All of these options should come across your mind before going shopping!

How Does it Look?

When you are looking for a cute camera bag, make sure to actually look for a cute bag! When you come across all these functionalities, you can easily lose track of your goal: getting a cute camera bag. So put it on, look in a mirror. Do you like the camera bag? Is it something you want to be seen with on the streets? Good. Now you have the good camera bag.

Cute Camera Bags: Some Options

Maybe not that cute, but whenever you are seen with such a bag people will sure know you are a photographer and therefore this bag is cute. It is the Tamrac bag. Tamrac offers a great variety of different professional bags. These bags are focused around outdoors and protect the equipment for sure. You will see this bag most of all in the wild nature, where the extra protection is needed.

Another option are the Kiesel bags. These bags actually come in different types as well, some are functional and some are actually pretty stylish! With a Kiesel on your bag you will still look like a professional, but you look stylish at the same time.

Of course, tons of other companies have bags as well, the canon camera bags are pretty solid for instance!

Camera Bags for Women: Important Points

When you are shopping bags as a woman, make sure to put some extra attention on a couple of points.

Extra Pockets

You will need extra pockets for your camera equipment. Extra batteries are always welcome when you are on a long trip. The same counts for extra memory. You don't want to be out in the wild and having no memory left, leaving you up with deleting photo's you don't want to get rid off.

Besides the functional extra pockets it is a good idea to think about extra pockets for all your stuff as well. Maybe if you have enough pockets, you won't need a normal bag anymore?

The Casing

Do you want to go for an aluminium casing or a soft casing? This is important for the weight, but also for the usage. Aluminium cases are a little bit bigger and sometimes esthetic not that good. As a women, this can be something to be aware of as well.


With all of this information you should be able to make a more sophisticated choice when you are shopping for the perfect camera bags for women.