Camouflage Wedding Ideas

Camo wedding ideas are pretty scarce.  Which is odd, really, with the booming popularity of camouflage as a wedding theme.  But don't worry, we've given this issue quite some thought and come up with several ideas to make your camouflage wedding something truly special.

In this article we'll cover ways to spruce up that wedding attire (for both bride and groom) and even point you to a few key products from Amazon that can help.  We'll look at some easy decorating tips too.

So what are we waiting for?  Let's get to it!

The Wedding Attire

If you've been looking for a camouflage wedding dress, you are most likely ready to give up by now.  Well, why not go with a traditional dress--and just add a little camo trim?

It's a pretty simple matter to spruce up a white formal dress.  If you are going with a fairly simple design, it may be as easy as adding a belt of camouflage ribbon.  Don't like the idea of a belt?  Well, there is also the possibility of using a wider ribbon as a sash.  You can also use that same technique to trim your veil.

The bridal bouquet is another great way to add a touch of camo.  Simply choose flowers that match the color of the scheme you are using for your wedding.  You can add some of that great ribbon to tie it all together.  

Are you beginning to see how versatile that ribbon is?

For the groom, a traditional suit may also be in order.  But you can easily add a touch of camouflage with a tie and/or cummerbund.  Sometimes less truly is more.


Camouflage Bow Tie & Cummerbund Set
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Wouldn't your groom look great in this set? Just picture that black tux with this trimming set!

Camo Wedding Decorations

Remember that ribbon we used to trim up your dress?  Well, that ribbon is even more useful than that.

You can also use it to dress up your wedding and reception hall!  It makes great pew bows for a church wedding.  Or you make chair bows for seats at tables.

Need a tablecloth and all you can find is the cheap, plastic variety?  How's about using the real thing?  Camo netting material will drap a large table nicely and add some reality to your decor too.

Of course if you are going for a formal wedding, there are other necessary items you will need too.  You will need a guestbook and pen for your guests to sign in.  And you'll also need a flowergirl basket and a ring bearer's pillow.

And we mustn't forget the bride's garter--it's one of the highlights of any wedding day!  But where can you find all this in your chosen theme?  Right on Amazon actually.  All in one shopping too.

Military Collection Gift Set Blue Camo
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This great all in one set comes in both blue and tan camo. And you can even customize it with the military emblem of your choice!

The Camouflage Wedding Ring

Did you know that there are even camo wedding bands?  There are.  And some really nice ones too!

When you choose a camouflage wedding band, you can carry around a little reminder of your beautiful wedding day forever!