An investment in the right clothing, camouflage equipment and scent and noise control from Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops can make you an even more effective hunter.

Camouflage is more than just wearing clothes that let you blend into the background. It also involves how you move in the woods and while traveling to and from your hunting location. Sudden movements can spook your prey, even if the animal never saw you move, and leaving a scent trail is a quick way to scare off prey for good. In addition, when traveling through fields and woods, stay off existing deer trails. Instead, try to approach the area at an angle perpendicular to the deer trails.

Avoid Standing Out

Traditional camouflage may hide you from your prey, but it also makes you look like a target to other, perhaps less careful, hunters. Instead, try to wear a hat, shirt or jacket in blaze orange. Deer and other animals don't recognize the color as easily, and in some states, it's even the law to wear orange apparel. Other colors may be appropriate, but be aware that red, blue and even white can resemble wild turkeys and other prey when seen from a distance. It also helps to change the patterns you wear with the seasons. Popular patterns include river bottom, deciduous trees, marsh, waterfowl, winter, Western, open country and more.

Another good idea is to wait in the shadows. Direct sunlight can reflect off you and your gear, alerting observant animals to your presence. Natural cover can help, too, whether you're on the ground or in a deer stand. If heavy cover is not available, attach small limbs and twigs to your tree or stand, or try one of the many synthetic camouflage aids available online. Typical gear includes tree stands, tree, ground and box blinds, restraints and harnesses and hanging chairs.

Let Smell Work for You

Scent products can minimize your natural body odor, making you undetectable to passing animals, but it also can be used as a powerful lure for deer and other prey. To be sure you're using your scent in a beneficial way, limit your contact with trees and other vegetation to avoid leaving your own scent behind. Instead, apply products you find in hunting and sports supply stores that make you smell more attractive to your prey, like Code Blue's formula for bears or deer and elk lures developed using urine and estrus secretions from females in heat.

Tread Carefully

Move slowly and deliberately when traveling through the woods to avoid making unnecessary noise, and wear clothing that is quiet, as well, like shirts, pants and jackets made from cotton or fleece. Most hunting apparel is lined with Gore-Tex or a similar thin insulating material to maintain your comfort even in the snow and rain, so wearing layers is always a good idea. As a final precaution, check your guns and other gear for shiny metal, like bolts, zippers and buttons. A black marker makes a great tool for quick fixes.