Camouflage bedding - sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Are we trying to hide ourselves in our bedroom? But the house is not a jungle ... so why use camo bedding? Because it is a matter of showing our individual style or expressing ourselves. Many people buy and use camouflage bedding sets for fun ... just because they want to - not because they are planning on fighting in a war. Camo is now a style of fashion. It is no longer restricted to olive green or winter gray. You can now find pink and blue and many other colored camo schemes in clothes, bedding sets as well as on many other objects.

Having said that, camo is a rather distinctive style that is not for everyone. Camouflage bedding is even more so. So who are those who would buy or use camoflage bedding, whether it is army camouflage bedding or some such variation? Well, one such group of people would be enthusiastic hunters. Even when the parents may not use camouflage bedding sets themselves, it is likely that they would think camouflage baby bedding is cute. And they would likely also encourage their older children in their hobby by turning their bedrooms into a hunter's den with camouflage bedding.

One more obvious group of people likely to appreciate camouflage bedding are military enthusiasts and hobbyists. To them, army camouflage bedding is a homage to the military and armed forces (probably of their nation). They may seek out contemporary military camoflage patterns, or they may go for World War One or World War Two army camouflage. They may go for jungle camo, arctic camo or even desert camo. The choice is virtually endless, with the many armies of the world choosing a variety of camouflage schemes for a variety of different environments. Men and boys alike, they will not limit themselves to their army camouflage bedding but will also decorate their bedrooms (and anything they can get away with) following a military theme.

Camouflage bedding is not limited to just your own (family's) use. Camouflage crib bedding can make an interesting and out-of-the-ordinary gift at baby showers if the parents are hunting buffs or serving in the military. The baby bedding does not have to be the usual drab military green - you can also choose blue camouflage bedding for a baby boy or pink camouflage bedding for a baby girl. A modern camouflage bed in a bag set can also make for a unique wedding gift when you are strapped for ideas. Just make sure to choose colors and camouflage patterns that are not boring.

Basically, camouflage bedding is a decorative theme and not meant for hiding you when you sleep in the jungle. You buy it for fun ... because it is interesting and different from the usual bedding that you usually see in shops. You can find camouflage beds in a bag for any sized bed and any color combination or pattern. Camouflage baby bedding in the right color can be very cute. If camo is where your taste lies, the choices are endless. Just be patient when searching online and you will be able to find something that uniquely expresses your sense of self.